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In April the Finnish melodic death metallers Mors Subita will release their third full-length album called Into The Pitch Black. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with them about the album and Finnish metal among other things.

Hey, congratulations with your upcoming album, Into The Pitch Black, which you are releasing in April. I really like it. Looking forward to releasing it?

That´s awesome to hear. We are very happy with the album and can´t wait to have it released.

What is it that makes Mors Subita unique in the melodic death metal genre?

Musically, our ability to infuse melody, groove and aggressive elements together.

When comparing Into The Pitch Black to its predecessor, Degeneration, what is it you hear?

A more mature band and as a whole just simply stronger album on every level. Musically the brutality and melody levels have gone up a notch or two.

Your music sounds very aggressive but also has a lot of melody in it, how do you find the perfect balance between those things?

It´s not really a subject that needs to be thought separately. It all comes together naturally along the writing process. This is the way I´ve always composed so if I only stay true to myself and keep writing music I want to listen then it works without any excess calculating.

It´s like any other field of art, you´re trying to move the listener and if that doesn´t happen for yourself while composing, then the idea belongs to the trash bin.

Between your previous albums Mors Subita had several lineup changes. Now your lineup remained the same as how it was when Degeneration was released. Was that noticeable in the writing/recording process of Into The Pitch Black. If yes, in what way was it different compared to the writing/recording process of Degeneration?

Sure. Preparing for the Degeneration session we had a new drummer and vocalist. The situation was challenging to say the least. We were excited and we felt the song material was strong. The session itself went really nicely but I think we lacked a bit of “that something” on many levels. We do think Degeneration is a strong album but it was a new lineup and one can hear we didn´t yet know all of our new found strengths.

On the 3rd time around, everybody knew this time what we were up against and prepared accordingly. We rehearsed a lot more than previous time before hitting the studio to really reach the performances the songs deserved. A big help this time was the fact that we found an amazing fellow named Stefan Pommerin/Illusia Productions to finalize the production. He mixed and mastered the album and also gave a lot to the post-production. I really felt that this was the 1st time we found somebody who understands how our music needs to sound and also how the different elements should fit together. He’s a very talented guy and we’re truly happy we found him.

You also use several industrial samples in the new album for the first time, what was the reason for doing it now?

I had the industrial sound brewing in my head already when I was writing Degeneration, but those few ideas didn´t fit our sound at that time. For this album they fit perfectly so we wanted to take that step in the evolution of our sound.

The following question can’t be better answered by someone other than a Finnish metalhead self. What is it with metal living that much in Finland?

In addition to the cold and dark seasons in our northern latitudes, I think we have inherited some sort of introvertism in our blood where you only talk about your feelings in the sauna or when you drunk, usually combined. Also when sports or music is involved emotions are allowed to show. This is of course very caricatured version of reality but I do stand behind the idea that music is one of those outlets to which one can drain any sort of bad or good thing in life. So for me at least music works like although I don´t take myself as a very introvert person. And what better format than metal because of all the ways of expression; just name your genre, there´s something for everyone.

Within melodic death metal, do you think there are differences between the Swedish bands and the Finnish bands playing this style? If yes, what differences?

I think there is a difference, just not that noticeable. Finnish melodeath at least nowadays seems to be a bit more atmospheric and maybe melancholic. Same difference as in our folk music, only in smaller proportion.

You already announced an Finland-tour in April and some shows in Japan together with Turisas, Beast In Black and Frosttide, looking forward to the shows?

Yes, very much! Japan is just awesome for Finnish metal so couldn´t be more excited.

Your music contains a lot of energy, how do you prepare for that before a live show?

Eat well, sleep well, warm up, crack some jokes, have a shot of vodka – all good to go.

Any other touring plans, maybe also coming to The Netherlands?

We truly hope so. The Netherlands always has a dedicated place in my heart because I studied there for some time back in 2008. I have very warm memories of that time. It would be awesome to get to play there with Mors Subita, so we´re definitely working on it!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

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