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Death/doom metallers Rotting Kingdom hail over from the US with their self-titled EP, released in February this year.

The first of three tracks, Adrift In A Sea Of Souls, is a great blend between death and doom metal. The track kicks off with a doom-like guitar intro, joined by deep growls after a while, which intensifies the dark, haunted and desolate atmosphere created. Midway throughout the song, genres are switched, and things speed up a bit, before the end of the song comes with a blend of death and doom metal. A glorious track that wets your appetite for what is yet to come. The Castle Of Decay is way more death-oriented than Adrift In A Sea Of Souls, while remaining a mid-tempo song and preserving the haunted atmosphere created I the first track. Things then end very early with the third and last song, entitled Demons In Stained Glass. This track is, for its first half, also rather on the death metal side, but influenced a bit more by the Scandinavian greats within the genre. Especially the brutal drums kicking in at 1:40 are a highlight of the song. The second half then turns again more towards doom metal, but with enough variation for it never to become boring, rounding off this exquisite EP.

In conclusion: Rotting Kindom’s self-titled EP is a joy to listen to, and with only 24 minutes of playing time ends way too soon. The guys are excellent musicians, and the production is perfect and to the point as well. Personally, I cannot wait to hear more from Rotting Kingdom, and highly recommend you to check them out in the meantime! 10/10.

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