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In January the Polish metallers of Excidium released a new split together with fellow Poles Warfist, called Laws Of Perversion & Filth. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed Excidium.

Hey, congratulations with your latest release, a split together with Warfist called Laws Of Perversion & Filth. It sounds great!

Thank you, nice to hear it friend!

How are the reactions you get on it so far?

Well, all reviews I’ve read ‘til today were very positive so I can say the reactions are pretty good.

When comparing Excidium with Warfist, what is it you notice? And what made them the best band for this split?

We definitely have similar inspirations, we’re labeled with same names I mean – black/thrash, blackened thrash and so on. Also their last LP is a real killer so when we got proposition to share split with them we didn’t think for long hehe.

How did the writing process of your part of this split go?

We recorded all tracks at our rehearsal place in Rzeszów, then it was all sent to guys from Left Hand Sounds in order to make it sound like it should and we’re satisfied with final work.

This is your first release with Golem on bass, how did this work out during the process of creating these new tracks?

He’s a good bass player and a long-time friend for all of us so the whole process of creation went really nice for all of us.

Your last song is a cover of Impaled Nazarene’s Karmageddon Warriors. What made you decide to do a cover of this specific track?

We’re all fans of Impaled Nazarene, I sincerely love all of their stuff both old and fresh so the choice came naturally.

There is a 8-year gap between this split and its predecessor, the Decimation demo released in 2010. What was the reason for this gap?

Some line-up changes, personal things for some of us and also big doze of laziness haha.

When you compare your songs on this split with the Decimation demo, what is it you notice?

I think new material is much more mature and well produced. We’ve got still the same inspirations that we had years ago but we made some progress with songs structure and so on.

You’ve already announced one Polish show, can we expect more Excidium shows in the near future? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Currently, we have no live shows in plans, so who knows! Of course we would love to play in Netherlands one day!

Are you already working on new material? If so, can you already tell us something about it?

Yes, we are. We have some unrecorded songs ready, also some ideas for new ones. They sound similar to what we have released on split with Warfist.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Keep thrashing ‘till you die! Cheers!

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