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In October last year, the Austrian metallers of Jacobs Moor released their second full-length album called Self, with a digital release through Bleeding Star Records coming up on May 18th. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with Jacobs Moor’s vocalist Richard Krenmaier, guitarist Rupert Träxler and drummer Rainer Lidauer.

Hey, congratulations with your new album, Self. It’s really nice!

Rainer: Thank you very much, we appreciate that. It was a lot of work and we are happy and proud of our 2nd full-length album.

Rupert: Thank you. We worked hard on it to get a tight and heavy guitar sound but in a coloration of two guitars to get one big metal tone. And even to let enough space for the vocals.

How are the reactions you get on it so far?

Rainer: Our fans and critics around the world really love the album, so far we got great reviews and press reactions from everywhere.

Rupert: Until now we got only great reactions on this album and especially for this longplayer we tried to move forward and extend modern sound experiences.

When you compare Self to your earlier releases, All That Starts (full-length, 2014) and The Evil In Me (EP, 2015), what is it you notice?

Rupert: To do everything step by step. The EP The Evil In Me was the experiment to look where the journey is going. And to create this compact massive sound.

Rainer: The band started as a trio with Richard, Johnny Sommerer and myself. In the beginning we were just a studio project and began working on our debut album. It took almost three years to finish All That Starts, but in autumn 2013 we were finally done. Next step was to find musicians to perform live. We were very lucky and found some of the best musicians in the Austrian scene, so in 2014 the band was complete, and we started playing live. Johnny is still a band member, focusing on song-writing and acting as our “Noble Joker” as he can jump in on guitar and on bass, if one of the other guys has no time. In 2015 we have released the EP The Evil In Me with two new songs and five live-songs, recorded at our live-debut in 2014. Recording with our “new” band members went great, so we where ready to record the 2nd full-length album as a “real band”. I feel that the new album was a big progress, as we now sound like a band and we are one step closer to finding our perfect sound. We wanted to make the hardest-possible Jacobs Moor album which I think we have achieved. So, let’s see what the next album will bring…

In the studio you worked with Tony Lindgren for Self. How was working with him and what made him the perfect guy for this job?

Rainer: Tony is a well-known mastering engineer and the Fascinationstreet Studios are already legendary in the metal scene, so that was the first reason to choose them. The first test master was so good, we only had to make a few changes and the second master was the final one.

Rupert: For me it was his references and the band he is working with. That was the sound I imagined for our album SELF.

On May 18th, Self will also get a digital release through Bleeding Star Records, who also did your other digital releases. What makes Bleeding Star Records the best label for Jacobs Moor at this moment?

Rupert: First of all: reliability. Further integrity and support.

Rainer: Exactly. I know Christian Reichinger from Bleeding Star Records for several years and he is always reliable, professional and capable. Switching to a bigger, established label would only make sense, if the label shows real interest. With that I mean a label should be willing to invest some time and money to bring us to the next level and to reach more people. We have always refused to go to a label with these shitty “You pay for everything and we do almost nothing”-deals. So, we still make everything by our own, we have our own webshop and for digital distribution we have Bleeding Star.

The cover and artwork were created by Christian Taschner. What made him the perfect one for doing this?

Richard: I’ve worked with Christian for a very long time now. He made all Jacobs Moor covers so far. He always has the right image for the songs somewhere in his creative working place.

I found the painting for the new record very early in the songwriting process. We had to work on some details and issues but in the end, it turned out perfectly. I hope very much to work with him again for the next album.

What is the story behind the cover and the lyrics?

Richard: The lyrics on the album are very personal and describe how I am struggling with the world and with myself. But it`s also a cynical point of view of our society. Like we try to show on the cover-when you put away the bones and skin that differentiate us as humans we end up like the picture: eyes, flesh and teeth.

You hail from Austria, how is the Austrian metal scene?

Richard: In Austria we have very many metal bands, which play on local festivals.

All different styles of metal are there, unfortunately not many of them are known outside our country.

Any Austrian bands you would recommend listening to?

Richard: Our survival depends on us, Hollenthon and of course Elephants In Paradise.

Rainer: Ha, ha, thanks Richard, yeah Elephants In Paradise, Rupert’s and my second band which I think you already know. The most well-known band from Austria is Belphegor, other bands I would recommend for checking out are Cannonball Ride, Darkfall and Black Inhale.

You already announced one upcoming show. Can we expect some more Jacobs Moor shows soon? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Rainer: We would love to come to the Netherlands, so if any promoter or club owner is reading this interview and likes our music, feel free to contact and book us! We will do some shows in Austria in autumn.

Rupert: I´d love to rock the Netherlands!

Any other future plans for Jacobs Moor you can already tell us something about? Already working on new material maybe?

Rupert: We are already working on new material. I´m very excited about the new stuff because right now for the third LP you can´t do the same thing as one or two albums before.

Richard: I am in the middle of the writing process with my guitar players and very excited about the songs.

They are slightly different again from the previous songs but have all our trademarks in it.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Rupert: Listen to our new album SELF. That’s really worth it. And keep your ears focused on some special riffs and solos! Thanks for reading and listening. And there are some new YouTube videos about gigging and touring out now – watch out!

Rainer: Thank you very much for the interview and for supporting small underground bands, it’s very important! And of course: listen to our music and if you like it spread the word.

Richard:Thank you all for listening to our music.

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