Review: R.O.D. – #SocietyKill

Hailing from Poland, R.O.D., which stands for Razor Of Death, exists since 2005. After releasing a demo called Tactical Headshot in 2009, R.O.D.’s first full-length album, titled Death For All, was released in 2012. On May 4th this year the Polish thrashers released the successor of Death For All, which is titled #SocietyKill. This is the first album with the in 2017 hired vocalist Wafel. The other band members are Szlucher (backing vocals/guitar), Gumis (guitar), Jesus (bass) and Przemo (drums).

The cover of #SocietyKill already shows a bit of what to expect from this album, an all-destroying attack. Where the cover shows this pretty literally and also is a bit of an attack on your eyes, the music is of course more an attack on your ears and neck muscles. The cover is very detailed and nicely done by their fellow Poles from St. Chaos ART.

With opening track March Or Die R.O.D. immediately bangs through your speakers at very high speed. They will do so until the end of the album, which is 22 minutes later. Vocalist Wafel delivers very raw vocals with a sound somewhere between shouting and growling.

Instrumentally there is some very tight thrash metal to be heard, with very tight riffing and pounding drums. To get an idea you can, for example, listen to Legal Genocide or Reconquist. Bass player Jesus also get some space to show his skills regularly, for example in Red Scum, Full Of Lies or Kill The Pig. All band members play very tight, however the guitars are standing out on #SocietyKill. Besides the very tight thrashy riffing, there also are quite a few solo’s to be heard on this album. These solo’s are phenomenal and for sure lift #SocietyKill to a higher level. Some examples of these nice solo’s can be found in the aforementioned opening track March Or Die, R.O.D. and What The Fuck.

R.O.D. doesn’t do anything new, but that of course isn’t always necessary. These Poles just play no-nonsense thrash metal like it used to be, executed in a very nice and tight way. With #SocietyKill they deliver a very nice album full of heavy, pounding thrash which gets an extra heavy layer because of the very raw, aggressive-sounding vocals. This #SocietyKill album by R.O.D. is for sure recommended for every thrash metal fan.

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