Review: Unanimated – Annihilation

Swedish death metallers Unanimated have been around for 30 years and were among the first to coin the blackened melodeath sound. It’s been nine years since their last longplayer In The Light Of Darkness has been released, so it’s curious to see what the guys came up with for this EP, entitled Annihilation, which was released on the 10th of August.

First up is Adverserial Fire. Straight up it’s in-your-face, speedy death metal melodies. Singer Micke Broberg is grunting and growling his soul out – a real joy to behold! A more melodic death metal-oriented part serves as the outro. Next is the melodic, midtempo From A Throne Below. This has some serious older melodic death metal sound, mixed with some black metal elements, to it, reminding the listener that the band played a vital part in its conception.  Of Fire And Obliteration is a rather innocent song, where soft acoustic guitar tunes and rhythmic drumming are in the foreground. Also here, just like in the other songs, the lyrics revolve around the dark and the occult. Last up is the title track, Annihilation. The title already says it all – it’s another dose of straight up death metal! Slower and faster passages take turns, and in their entirety compose a very strong final song.

In conclusion: the guys offer a great piece of music with Annihilation, and the only sorrow is that it’s over way too soon. Unanimated remain very strong musicians with a fresh take on death metal. I’m looking forward to their next release, and highly recommend this EP to anyone! 10/10.

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