Review: Firesword – Antique

In 2000 the blackened thrash metal band Firesword was formed, consisting of guitarist Lord Insekkton I Von Firesword, vocalist/bass player Leoben “Sorcerer” Conoy and a being called Hexenmeister of whom very little is known, except that he is responsible for the drum and keyboard recordings. After releasing several demos since 2000, Firesword released their debut full-length, entitled Enslaved to the Void, in 2014. On September 1st, their second album was released. This one carries the title Antique.

Antique‘s opening track Ruthenium Heart starts with a symphonic intro, but gets very heavy shortly after. This immediately gets you in the right mood for Antique, because it contains pretty heavy music for the majority of the time. The symphonic aspects, as well as the keyboard, can be heard quite regularly. Besides that, every track on this album also contains a nice guitar solo, for some examples be sure to check the solo’s in The Eisenburg Legacy or Apparition Through the Candles. The Eisenburg Legacy also has an intro based on a melody which will probably be very recognizable for quite a lot of people. This melody also comes back as a riff later in the same track.

Something standing out a bit is the misanthropic scream from Leoben “Sorcerer” Conoy. Some examples of this are Soliloque and Imperial Pestilence, both being my personal favorites on this album. Soliloque also contains a more atmospheric layer with high guitars and a pretty melodic intro. The vocals are a bit more up front  on this track compared to the other tracks on Antique. Imperial Pestilence is one of the heaviest tracks on Antique.

Besides the very nice screams from Leoben “Sorcerer” Conoy, he also shows some clean vocals. These clean vocals for sure provide some variation on Antique, but could be done better in my opinion. They sound a bit nagging and aren’t sounding very convincing.

Apart from the those clean vocals, Firesword delivered a solid album with Antique. However Antique doesn’t bring something very special which is really standing out. An average album, but not bad at all. You like blackened thrash? If yes, I would give this a chance for sure.

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