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Vreid, the band that formed out of the ashes of Windir in 2004, already released seven full-length albums, Sólverv, which was released in 2015, being the most recent one. Now, this Norwegian quartet, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Sture, guitarist Strom, drummer Steingrim and bass player/keyboardist Hváll, released Sólverv‘s successor. This successor is titled Lifehunger and was released via Season of Mist on September 28th.

Pretty soon into Lifehunger it is clear that Vreid delivers calm, melodic parts as well as very heavy and pounding parts. This immediately starts with the quiet, melodic intro of this album, entitled Flowers & Blood, which flows into One Hundred Years with high, fast guitars, pounding drums combined with a very intense scream. However, the melody still is present, whether or not a bit more in the background, during the faster, heavier parts.

On Lifehunger, Vreid shows that variation and rhythm changes are very important to them, this shows, for example, in more quiet parts amidst heavier parts. An example of this is the more quiet part in One Hundred Years which even includes an acoustic guitar and melodic clean vocals.

The transitions between these earlier mentioned different parts take place very fast, but don’t sound forced at all. Everything goes in a very flexible way.

To give you a bit of insight in how many variation can be heard on Lifehunger, it probably is best to listen to both Hello Darkness and Sokrates Must Die. These are probably the tracks that are the extremes on Lifehunger, without counting intro Flowers & Blood.

Hello Darkness is a pretty calm but mysterious-sounding track, on which the guitars and drums even sound a bit catchy. A daring attempt with a very good result, sounding really nice. Besides that Hello Darkness also has more melodic, clean vocals performed by Sólstafir’s Aðalbjörn ‘Addi’ Tryggvason. However, Hello Darkness fits very well into Lifehunger.

On the other hand, Sokrates Must Die is very pounding and even goes a bit towards thrashblack. The tight riffing, the pounding drums and the roaring bass combined with the intense screams for sure make this a nice track for any thrashblack fan.

To end Lifehunger, Vreid gives us the very nicely done, instrumental track Heimatt which provides melody, speed as well as some ambient parts.

With Lifehunger, Vreid delivers a very strong album which is pretty heavy, but at the same time pretty melodic. This all of course without losing the idea of black metal. This is a recommended album for sure!

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