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Recently Dream Child released their debut album called Until Death Do We Meet Again. As you can read below DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently spoke with Dream Child’s Craig Goldy.

Hey, congratulations with your debut, Until Death Do We Meet Again. It’s very nice!

Thank you! I am very pleased with the way this album has been received by the fans so far!

How does it feel to have your debut album released?

Actually, now it’s great! Before I wasn’t sure how everyone would react, because this is a very special album with a very special and specific purpose that could easily be misunderstood! And so far most fans have understood the mission of this album the way it was intended to be received! So now, it feels great!

Dream Child just formed recently. What was your inspiration to start Dream Child?

Deep Purple and Rainbow were and are my favorite bands, alongside of the Sabbath albums with Ronnie! I didn’t much like the Sabbath stuff with Ozzy, but loved the Ozzy stuff with Randy, Jake and Zakk! The main mission behind this album was to try and bring back an era once thought to be long gone and never to return again, and make it new somehow!!

Since I bought all of the Deep Purple and Rainbow albums and as I moved from place to place throughout the years some of those vinyl’s and CD’s went missing so I felt ok about listening to the songs that I already bought twice, and listen to them on Youtube.

Then I noticed in the comment section, that a lot of comments about certain Deep Purple and Rainbow era’s, those comments being like “They don’t make music like THAT anymore!” I wanted to try and form a kind of certain Deep Purple and Rainbow era of the 21st Century!

I also love the early Van Halen sound and certain Whitesnake songs, even Genesis and wanted to incorporate those elements into this album in such a way that it wouldn’t be just a new mixture of old stuff, but a new era made from an older era that many of us miss!! And not just about Ronnie, even though he and Ritchie and Mr. Iommi were the best combination on the planet, but to also try and make it my own! I’m on my own path now and I want to make sure that the ways of the best from the past never dies!!

Dream Child’s line-up has some pretty big names in it. How did the writing process go with all these big names?

Luckily for me everyone involved with this project I had either worked with before, wrote with before, was in a band with them before or all three! They all are such professionals that the mission was clear and they all brought their “A” game! This album would not be what it is if it weren’t for these particular guys at this particular time! This album was sort of a “Hybrid” between the old school and the new school!

Some songs were written and recorded while in the same room as one another and some songs and portions of songs were written and recorded via MP3’s and email notes back and forth!

But these particular guys knew how to re-create the same type of working environment via the internet as if we were in the same room as one another! The experiences that we each had gathered throughout the years allowed us to operate in both environments with equal amounts of knowledge of both worlds, the old school ways and we each also had full working knowledge of the latest technology!

What is the story behind Until Death Do We Meet Again?

I believe in God. Therefore, I believe in the afterlife. So when I was listening to many couples getting married, their vows each ended with ”Until Death Do We Part”!

And I thought to myself: ”Shouldn’t it be more like Until Death Do We Meet Again?” And that made such a cool sounding song title that I knew once the right music and melody lines came along I could use it as a song! Little did I know that it would end up being the title track of the album! I think there are a certain amount of people that wish to be reunited with their lost loved ones in the hereafter! And even though that sounds positive, and the title sounds quite dark, it’s my favorite combination! A dark theme with a positive message within!

Dream Child also has quite a few links with Dio. What is your most memorable remembrance of Dio?

I remember when I was still in Rough Cutt, Ronnie gave me an envelope with a name and an address and asked me to hand deliver it, he knew I would without question. So, I drove to the worst part of Hollywood, with the worst parking situation, found the place, knocked on the door and handed the envelope to the person Ronnie wanted me to give that to. They looked at the envelope as if the President of the United States had just sent them a private message, it turned out to be a rent check!

That particular fan was having trouble paying their rent, so Ronnie paid it for them! Ronnie said to me “Shhhhhh, don’t tell everyone, cause then everyone will want me to pay their rent too, but some people just need a little extra helping hand once in a while”!

I still think to this day that the Sacred Heart and the Dream Evil stage sets never really got the message he was sending in full!

For the same price that you could go see any other band, you could go to a Dio concert, but at a Dio concert you got an 18 foot Fire Breathing Dragon that lasers shot out of his eyes and explosions would occur wherever those lasers landed, a Giant Metal Spider and lasers shot from my guitar hitting the Spider with explosions and so forth, but he didn’t hike up the ticket prices for that, it was his way of giving back to the fans!

He did a string of concerts to build a shelter for a charity that would rescue kids caught up in drugs and prostitution when they flocked to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a star. That shelter was a huge complex! It had counselors to help the kids get off the drugs, counselors to help them with why they got messed up with drugs in the first place, they could get their GED, a College Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, there was a ten or 15 year reunion with those kids that were rescued and one of the before pictures was of a guy who pissed his pants because he was so high he didn’t even know he had to go and is now a four or 5 star General of the United States Army! Ronnie was a perfect example of how one man could change the world!

What made Frontiers Records the best label for releasing this album?

I think they are the only label that would and could understand such an album with such a mission as this one without messing it up somehow!

What does Dream Child’s future look like?

Hopefully a tour, and a few more albums, and a few more tours!

Can we also expect some touring in support of Until Death Do We Meet Again? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Sorry, I think I answered that question in the last question above this one!

What do you think about the metal-scene now compared to how it was back then?

Well, the internet has changed things drastically! And it is a very different world now than when I first started out! Going it alone without a record company and marketing yourself over the internet can be lucrative and record companies are not obsolete, but the process that is involved in reaching people’s hearts and punching them right in the gut and piercing their very soul with your music, to the point where the listener is unable to contain themselves and refuses to live without your music, that process is still the same and it always will be! It’s just a shame that the internet has made it just too easy for our music to be stolen!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

I just hope that anyone who likes this album will think twice before stealing it, and the ripple affect that it has upon everyone!

Bands are now overcharging for tickets, VIP passes and paid Meet & Greets! They only will sign their autograph if you buy something! They hardly even talk to their fans anymore!

My favorite part of touring is getting a chance to treat the fans the way Ronnie did! I try to make sure that his “way” didn’t die with him! There was a real balance back in the 80’s with the fans and certain bands! Especially when Ronnie was with us! I’d like to see that balance restored!

So us musicians can stop having to do 10 projects at once just to make enough money to barely get by and work 20 hour days, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year! Getting comments on a Facebook page is a very nice thing! Streaming is the new radio and a lot of people now are using streaming as radio and then buying the album! That is how the balance will begin to be restored!

I have done my part! It is a very difficult proposition to get some of the best musicians in the world together, with some of the best writers in the world together to give their best ideas and their best performances, only to have it stolen!

I understand that fans got tired of paying a lot of money for a new CD with 11 songs on it and only liking 2 of them! And it’s so sad to see and hear how so many great musicians have given up writing really great music again, cause they know it’ll get stolen!

But someone has to stand up and say “I’ll do it”! “I’ll get some of the best musicians in the world and some of the best writers in the world to give their best performances and ideas and bring their “A” game to the table!” Finger’s crossed and prayers going out that balance can and will be restored once again!

Thank you!

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