Live review: Striker and Skull Fist at Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands, November 5th, 2018

On the evening of Monday November the 5th the venue of Tilburg’s Little Devil is quite packed. Despite the fact that this show is on a Monday, many people came to see tonight’s bands perform, which is completely understandable since there will be two great bands on stage: Skull Fist and Striker. Originally the band Mokomokai would be opening this evening, but at the last minute it was clear that they wouldn’t play this evening. Another change of plans also came up last-minute. Originally Skull Fist would be the last band playing this evening, but this changed and now Striker would finish the night. So, two last-minute changes, but this for sure doesn’t ruin the fun of the evening.

So, two bands tonight of which Skull Fist will start around half past eight. With their mixture of old school thrash and heavy metal they give the venue an huge energy boost right from the first moments. This gigantic dose of energy is very clear on stage as well as in the audience. In the audience this immediately results in many people headbanging and going crazy in another way. The tight, heavy drumming of JJ Tartaglia combined with the roaring guitars of Zach Slaughter and Jonny Nesta create a big dose of musical violence. Guitarists Zach Slaughter and Jonny Nesta also show some very nice solo’s with even a solo-battle between them. That the guitars were a little bit low in the mix during the start of their set, which was fixed very soon, seems soon to be forgotten due to their phenomenal jobs. Besides his nicely executed work on guitar vocalist/guitarist Zach Slaughter also delivers nicely done vocals which makes Skull Fist’s music even more exciting than it already was. On one track bass guitarist Casey Guest takes care of the vocals, but personally I prefer Zach Slaughter’s vocals. That Skull Fist has a lot of fun on stage can clearly be seen and they also involve the audience in that a lot. This was definitely a very nice show.

After Skull Fist has played one hour and the stage was changed, it was time for Striker to enter the stage. Very soon it was very clear that Skull Fist and Striker were the perfect combination for this show. Striker immediately continues where Skull Fist left off. The energy of Skull Fist’s show is still within many of the people in the audience and because of this the energy is soon clearly present again. Of course this is also due to the amount of energy Striker shows on stage. The power they put in their show is incredible. That the stage in the Little Devil is pretty small for these 5 guys seems to be no problem to them, since they are going totally crazy. Striker also has a lot of contact with the audience, which results in many horns, fists in the air while screaming “Hey! Hey! Hey!” and singing along with the parts that are suitable for that. Guitarists Tim Brown and Chris Segger also regularly get closer to the first row while playing their nice solo’s. The audience goes completely crazy, maybe even more than during Skull Fist’s set. Personally I liked Striker’s show a bit more than Skull Fist’s show. This is due to Striker having a bit more variation in their set. They had some more melodic parts, some thrashier parts and also quite a few rhythm-changes. In my opinion Striker was the well-deserved headliner. However Skull Fist for sure also delivered a very great set.

Both shows were very nice and when one of these bands, or both of course, would be performing in an area near you, I would definitely recommend to check them out. This surely was a great evening in Tilburgs very nice venue of the Little Devil.

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