Review: Angrrsth – Znikąd

The Polish black/death metal band Angrrsth, consisting of vocalist Hermann, guitarist Grisch, bass guitarist XII and drummer Simon, only exists for a short period a time. They just started earlier this year. However, they already released their debut EP, titled Znikąd, digitally on June 30th. On October 1st Znikąd is also released on CD via the also Polish record label Godz Ov War Productions. This CD version of Znikąd contains, besides the four tracks that were also on the digital version, an extra track called Nad Głową Sznur.

Znikąd starts to build up with opening track Krew i Trans to speed up things quite a bit after one minute. However the tempo isn’t this high during the entire album. Znikąd contains very much variation in tempo as well as in rhythm. This for sure is what makes Znikąd interesting and far from boring. For an example be sure to check the part halfway opener Krew i Trans. Another example of this is Upadłem: while this is the most melodic track on Znikąd, Angrrsth nicely varies between faster and more quiet parts during this track. This way the black metal that Angrrsth delivers on Znikąd can be very heavy and pounding as well as a more melodic style.

Angrrsth also took care of instrumental details during the creation of Znikąd. A few examples of this are the abrupt short stop in I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk, the moment of suddenly only bassdrum with just a little bit of guitar in the background during the same track en the more quiet intro of Upadłem, of which the rhythm will stay part of the track for a while.

Simon’s drums sound very pure, like you are standing right next to him in Angrrsth’s rehearsal space. An example of this can be heard in the most pounding track on Znikąd, Siarka i Kwas, which is also my personal favorite of Znikąd, or during the earlier mentioned Krew i Trans. In Krew i Trans XII’s roaring bass also stands out nicely.

Added to this great music are Hermann’s nice vocals. He also shows much variation with his vocals, of course all done in a black metal style. He delivers some very raw screams, which aren’t extremely high-pitched by the way, as well as some Taake-like shouts, in for example Krew i Trans or Nad Głową Sznur, as well as more clean vocals, which are still done in a black metal style.

Just as the other Angrrsth members did with their instruments, Hermann also took care of details regarding his vocals. A few examples of this are his gurgle and his evil laugh in Krew i Trans.

Angrrsth for sure impresses with Znikąd, especially because of it being an debut EP. Nicely executed black metal with a perfect dose of variation makes Znikąd surely very recommended for everyone who listens to black metal.

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