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In October All That Remains’ guitarist Oli Herbert passed away. At that moment All That Remains already announced their European tour, which they decided to still do. Before their show in the Melkweg venue in Amsterdam, DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with All That Remains’ drummer Jason Costa.

Hey, first of all, my condolences on the passing of Oli Herbert.


What will be your best remembrance of him?

How silly he was all the time, he’s a very silly guy, how hard he worked for songs and how much into metal and music he was. Me personally though, the most I miss so far, because this is the first tour we’ve done without him, is when I warm up backstage for an hour before we play. He and I used to warm up together, he would put a metronome on and shared the timing of the metronome like, “hey man how’s 200 beats per minute?” Then I said that that was good. Then he was like: “Can we bring it down to 180, I’ve to work on this thing.” Then I said it was okay and later I would back up to 240. It was fun to do that with him and I miss that a lot lately.

On Facebook you already said that you know he wouldn’t want anything other than for you to continue. How do you see the future of All That Remains without Oli?

It’s going to be different. That’s really the only way to answer it. It doesn’t matter who it is to fill in or to join the band. It’s just going to be very different. No one is Oli and no one can be Oli. We are not going to try to get someone to replace Oli, it has to be someone new. Whoever is new, you can’t compare them to your last person, because that will never work. You just have to realize that it’s going to be new and different. It could be similar, but no matter what it will be different. The personality, the playing style, the writing style, the chemistry, all will be different. I’ve been in this band for 12 years and I know us. I know we will pick someone who’s right, but it will different.

But there will be a new guitarist? Or will All That Remains continue as a four-piece?

Yeah, but not sure who it is yet. We won’t continue as a four-piece.

In November you released your latest album Victim of the New Disease, which is really nice. Since this is the last album Oli can be heard on, what song will remind you the most about him?

Everything is Wrong and that speaks for itself.

Can you tell something about the cover and the story behind it?

Phil came up with the idea for the artwork. I don’t really remember exactly what it is. I know it is different types of social diseases and the picture represents different ones. I am not sure which represents what. That’s Phil’s domain. I thought the idea was really cool and the artwork came out great.

The track Just Tell Me Something also features Danny Worsnop, how did this collaboration come to pass?

I am not exactly sure, because I didn’t put it together. Danny is a decent friend of ours, we toured with him a couple of times and he has a great voice. Which is funny, I remember when I first heard him sing normally, I thought “Holy shit, he actually has a really good voice!” Phil suggested to have Danny sing on one of the songs, the slower song. I said we should do it, he has a great voice. I know he would kill it and he did a great job, we are happy with that.

Tonight is your last show of this tour, looking forward to tonight?

Yeah, this will be one of the better shows. It’s always good here, the area is awesome of course, it’s Amsterdam. Then we get to go home to see family, friends, girlfriends, wives, pets.

Looking forward to that too?

Yeah, of course!

You heard of the passing of Oli before this tour, do you want to tell something about how this affected the band during this tour?

Well, we weren’t sure if we were going to do it or not. I think in the back of our heads we all know that we should do it. Oli wouldn’t want to have all the work just go to nothing. We all like being a band, we like touring, we like this job. It’s not really a job, most times it’s fun. I think we were so sad and destruct at first that we all were thinking about what the other person was thinking, but no one wanted to ask the question. Then, a couple of weeks went by and we were thinking about rehearsals. Jason Richardson reached out to us and said that if we need a guitarist, he could do it. Oli was one of his inspirations a long time ago. We toured with them, Born of Osiris. Once we heard that he reached out to us, the rehearsals and stuff came together and we were like we are going to do this.

How do you look back at this tour?

It was a great tour, especially considering the passing of Oli. If the first tour was only a month and a half or two months after Oli died and we were doing this in the US, it would be very sad. Because then it would’ve been like we were just here at this club, he was just sitting there, we just ate at that restaurant. There would’ve been too many memories, it would’ve been very sad. This tour was almost the perfect tour to start this with, with Jason filling in. We haven’t been to Europe in such a long time, which we hope to fix, we want to come back more often. We know we haven’t toured here as much as we should. We like it, the shows are good and everything. This has been the nicest European tour ever that we have had. It was the perfect tour for after Oli passing away, which is a big deal.

What will the coming months look like for All That Remains?

I don’t want to talk too much about upcoming tours or anything. I don’t talk about things like that until all my chickens have hatched, because I’ll jinx it. It looks like that there is a bunch of touring ahead for us and a lot of work which is good. Of course we also have to address someone joining the band. That will have to take place at some moment, but we don’t know exactly what’s going on with that just yet. I can’t see into the future, but once the right situation makes itself apparent and the right person comes along, it will get addressed when it happens, that’s the big deal. Until then we’ll just keep touring, playing music and playing songs from the new album.

Thanks for your answers and good luck with the show. Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thanks man, I look forward to it. Thanks for having us and we’re really glad that the last day of the tour is here. We are always look forward to play in here.

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