Interview: The Generations Army

Recently the thrashers of The Generations Army released their new EP Voices and Visions. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen has interviewed them about it.

Hey, congratulations with your new EP, Voices and Visions. I really like it! How are the reactions you get on it so far? 

It’s been nice! We have gotten a lot of great feedback from fellow musicians and fans.
The band has grown a lot on social media after the release of Voices and Visions. The music video got a couple of nice comments and great ratings as well. We have even been asked for worldwide shipping.

How did you guys met each other and decide to form The Generations Army?

The brothers Ragnar and Erland played together since 2011, then as they met Elvin on their new school, he decided to join the band. In 2015 Calle replaced former drummer Linus. And the band changed profile.

You play thrash metal. What makes The Generations Army in your opinion stand out in thrash metal? 

Creative songwriting, yet a raw approach to the genre. Mixing the old simpleness with the more modern sound. The lyrics really stand out, as they deliver a message about the world that is personal to the listener. Our stage presence also plays a large role, as it can be described as wild.

You are all relatively young, around the age of 20. Can you tell something about how you got into metal? 

We all have parents, who introduced us to rock at a young age. We never listened to the mainstream hits, but instead found what we enjoyed.
Ragnar started listening to punk at the age of 12 and the interest eventually evolved into a deep love for metal, with thrash in the center. As Ragnar wrote songs, they became harder and harder, the evolution can be heard on the album Still Screaming. The band grew into its new sound and the songs Blood of the Innocent and World Cop set the tone of the later released EP Voices and Visions.

When did you know that you wanted to be a metal musician yourself and who or what was your main influence to decide this? 

All of the band members had a love for music, we began playing instruments at a young age, which eventually lead to us wanting to play together.
We all grew into the genre, as kids we were playing AC/DC covers. That eventually lead to us writing a couple of rock songs, that later turned into a interest for metal.

The Generations Army almost exists five years. How do you look back at that time? 

It has been an amazing journey, with a lot of funny moment and laughs. We have all earned great friends in each other, that we will have for life. We have also met a lot of amazing and some not so great people. Sometimes it has been rough, but that has only taught us that there is always light in the darkness.

Anything special planned to celebrate this? 

Not really.

Nowadays you often hear that it is difficult for young bands in metal to get bigger and more known. Since you are a young band, how do you see this? 

We play music because we think it is great fun. Sometimes it can be hard to gather an audience, but it is mostly luck based. The stories told by the big bands usually rely on coincidences, which is as true today.

In your press release you also stated that you’re already working on new material. Can you already tell us something about what people can expect from this new material, compared to your earlier releases? 

It will be fast, it will be heavy and it will be thrash, epic thrash.

At this moment your only announced upcoming show will be on December 8th. Can we expect some more shows in the near future? Maybe coming over to The Netherlands?

We are going on a European tour in May, two gigs are already booked in Germany, we would gladly come to the Netherlands, but it is up to our booker to decide.

How do you see the future of The Generations Army? 

More innovative music, more gigs and hopefully larger gigs at festivals and such. But we intend to keep going as long as it is the right thing to do.

Thanks for your answers!

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