Review: Un – Sentiment

The album Sentiment, 53 minutes of melodic dark doom metal at its best. With only four songs, lasting between twelve and fifteen minutes, a parallel with Opeth seems to come up quick. Yet Uns music is much denser, taking time for the songs to develop and be spun out in a dark web. For some reference one may say Un is the perfect wedding between Opeth and Amenra.

It is a lovely bath of sorrow, with both in lyrics and in sound time to grieve but also time to show gratitude towards life, despite all the struggles. On the album there is no song that stands out, or all songs stand out. In Its Absense is by far the darkest song. Pools of Reflection brings the great addition of some female vocals (do not be afraid of a hint of gothic metal!). Sentiment is a well balanced song and A Garden Where Nothing Grows makes clear why this is one of the greater doom albums.

A long review is not necessarily a better review. One should just listen to the album, a perfect soundtrack to contemplate the year in the dark month of December…

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