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Recently Desolator released their reissue of Spawn of Misanthropy on Black Lion Records, while they also announced that they are working on new material. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed Desolator about this new material and their reissue, among other things.

Hey, how are you?

Hi! I’m very well thank you. Some quite exciting stuff going on with the band at the moment!

Last year you signed with Black Lion Records on which you recently released a reissue of your 2016 EP Spawn of Misanthropy. What makes Black Lion Records the best record label for Desolator at this moment?

Passion! Black Lion Records really enjoy the music from the bands that get signed. The label is also very good at promoting underground bands, just like Desolator! It’s a perfect match for us. The re-release for Spawn of Misanthropy is a great solution for the band. We’re very proud of that disc and it never got the exposure it deserved.

You also announced that you’re working on a second Desolator full-length, which will also be released via Black Lion Records. How is its creating process going so far?

It’s been very smooth. The songs are written and we’ve already recorded drums, guitars and bass. It feels like the next natural step after the Spawn of Misanthropy EP and something that satisfies us in the band as well as our fans.

What can people expect from it, compared to your earlier releases?

It’s another chapter in the more complex, monolithic style we switched to on Spawn of Misanthropy. Expect a big, overbearing, nihilistic soundscape influenced by Immolation and Morbid Angel. We’ve also tried to the keep the signature catchiness from old Desolator in there. It feels like we’re finding our own unique style more and more every time we release something.

Do you already have any idea of when we can expect this second full-length?

I am hoping it will be out sometime during 2019, I think late 2019 is realistic.

In September you had your first show in over 2 years time. How was it to be back on stage after that time?

It felt like we played yesterday, to be honest. The rehearsals went like clockwork and the gig was a great success. Many new and old fans came and our performance was tight and energetic. It really pumped us up and gave new energy to the band.

On that show you also played a new song, Vaticide. It sounds really cool! As can be seen in the video some people really enjoyed it. How was the general response on that song?

It was a lot of fun to present it to our audience. It’s one of the grooviest songs on the record with some very headbang-friendly palm mute sections. The reponse was great despite that most people don’t know it yet.

We can’t wait to play more of the new songs live!

Can we expect some more Desolator shows in the near future? Maybe coming over to The Netherlands?

If it was up to us, we would already be there! We’re looking for foreign shows and we’d love to play anywhere possible. It’s all up to the people who book the shows to contact us. One of the most fun things in the band’s history was our gig in Spain; something we really hope to repeat as soon as possible.

This year it is 10 years ago that Desolator formed. Anything special planned for this anniversary?

Not yet, but we should probably do a special show on the theme. Maybe dig out some really old songs we never play live and present some more of the new ones. It’s definitely worth celebrating.

Any other future Desolator plans you can already tell us about?

Not much at this point, except that we are doing our best to make a killer second full-length album that surpasses our previous music. Making a kickass album and promoting it will be our 2019 focus! And shows, if we’re lucky enough to get some exciting offers!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thank you for the interview. We want to thank all our fans for the support we’ve gotten over the years. An underground band like Desolator is nothing without its fans. Our fans are also the key to getting the live bookings we desire in the future. Please spread the word if you like us!

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