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Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck, Tim “Ripper” Owens and Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin are, together with the members of Cage, The Three Tremors. On January 18th they will release their self-titled debut album. Recently DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck about it.

Hey, congratulations with your upcoming self-titled debut album. It’s really nice!

Thanks it was a lot of work and we did it for real for the metal fans all over the world since the original metal Godz never did.

The idea of The Three Tremors is already a while old, right? How did the original idea formed?

Well I just thought that the 2018 version of the old idea should come to life.  We were all deprived of what could have been something amazing so I decided to rally Tim and Harry and lay down the steel! Now after 17 live shows it was a great idea and I am so glad we took on the challenge because it is a blast and super powerful onstage!

It still took quite a while for the idea of The Three Tremors to become reality, what was the reason for this?

Well the original guys gave up on it very early I am told but it took us 5 years to write and record it. We took our time making sure the songs were badass and in that time I also completed several other albums. When it came time to really focus on it we finished most of it up in the final 6 months or so.

Are there some differences between your old idea and the actual new outcome? Can you elaborate on that?

I think it came out better than I had even drawn it up on the chalkboard.  Especially live it is even better than I thought it would come out. But essentially it was just like I had originally envisioned it.

The album focuses on the three mighty vocal powers on it. How did you decide who’s going to sing when?

Each guy tracked a full complete version of the album and we chose from fully completed versions. I would listen to the thing over and over until I knew what I liked in each spot and made a written detailed list and scheme on how we were going to put it together. Most of the original ideas for who would do what actually worked so it was kind of a guiding hand by the metal gods too I think for why it worked out so well.

Will this be the same as on the album during a live show or can this be different?

We made some adjustments for the live show but mainly it is based on how the record goes. We do some stuff on the fly live too so each show is always an adventure and always evolving. The live show is vicious as hell during the songs and really funny and fun in between the songs ha!!

The Three Tremors focuses on the three vocalists, but you also have a band behind you, which is the same band as in Cage, your other band. What was the reason for choosing them as the band for The Three Tremors?

Well when we started writing the songs we reached out to many other musicians and a lot of guys wanted in on this which was cool. We had a lot of good material coming in from them even early on. Eventually we decided it was such a monumental task that we should keep it in house and it just made it easier to achieve. The real advantage of keeping it within Cage was that we write really great heavy metal songs I feel. Through our history all of our albums have been really well received by the fans and press and so we just hunkered down and worked one song at a time.

The artwork is created by Marc Sasso. What made him the perfect guy for this job?

Well Marc is an amazing artist and we have become great friends over the years. He is known for doing all the current Dio stuff and a lot of the old cover and all the Halford stuff too as well as many others. We actually had another artist do a cover which we loved but we are saving that and two alternate versions for the solo versions of this album that we will release sometime in the near future. But Marc had this idea that went along with the Bullets For the Damned song and the video we are releasing too. After showing me his initial sketch we green lit the change and are glad we did.  The cover art sold a bunch of shirts while we were on tour so they must have liked it.

In September/October you did some European shows, how were the reactions you got?

Incredible man it was great! We played the entire album all 12 songs live plus other Priest classics and stuff from Cage and Jag Panzer and a Beyond Fear song too. Even though we had only released 2 songs to the public people really took to the new songs. It was kind of cool to see how they rocked out to them on first listen and it gave us a ton of confidence going in to the review phase of the press run knowing that the fans loved the material. It was one big add for the record basically but a shit ton of fun. All 7 of us got along great and had a blast. There will be lots of touring for this band coming up.

In February/March you will be doing some American shows, looking forward to it?

Yeah so far the response has been great to the shows and tour announcement. We will have the album out by then and it will be great to be able to sell the cd at the shows and really have people come out knowing the stuff too. We started out just planning on testing it out on a few shows but the response from the promoters was so good we booked 3 times the shows we had originally planned.

Can we expect some more touring after March?

Well we will return to Europe, do Australia, Japan and some Asian cities too. Europe we plan to play a lot of places we missed the first time around so that will be very cool.

What does the future for The Three Tremors look like in the long term?

Well it is a full on band and the demand for it is growing. When people see the band and feel just how unique and powerful a rocket ride this thing is it will just get stronger. We are already talking about the second record so there is that. So lots of touring, a second record, and the release of 3 different solo versions of the first record too!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thanks for the time and attention, hit us up on the socials metal freaks, we love meeting new friends!

Hail To The Highest!

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