Live review: Mountain Eye and Icarius at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 9th, 2019

On January the 28th, the upcoming Amsterdam-based band Mountain Eye released their awesome debut album, titled Roads Uncharted. As you can read in my review about that album here, it surprised me very much. On the evening of Saturday February the 9th Mountain Eye celebrated this debut release with a release show in the Upstairs venue of the Melkweg in Mountain Eye’s hometown: Amsterdam. Icarius got the task to warm up the crowd.

While arriving at the Melkweg there are two quite long rows in front of the doors. Of course it would be nice if these people are coming to see Mountain Eye and Icarius. These people however are waiting for something else. Otherwise it probably would have caused problems, since I didn’t think the Upstairs venue has room for all these people.

The waiting line for the Upstairs venue when the doors open almost can’t be called a waiting line and once inside it’s still quite empty. The closer we get to the moment Icarius will kick off the evening, the more people are slowly coming inside. However when Icarius is playing the venue is still far from packed.

Something that immediately stands out when Icarius comes on stage is that they have three guitarists lined up. The bassplayer however is nowhere to be seen. Soon vocalist Nick van Oorschot explains: Icarius and their bassplayer recently parted ways and the only solution for this show seemed to get the bass playing on the backing track. This gives a few little technical difficulties, be it very short.

During the first track of Icarius’ set the guitars are a bit low in the mix, but this luckily is fixed quite soon. Icarius surely delivers a strong show that can be very pounding but also has its progressive and melodic moments. During the heavier moments the breakdowns really thunder through the venue. Icarius really shows that they have much fun on stage and that they are happy to be there at this show. They put a lot of energy in their show, something that can most clearly be seen when looking at vocalist Nick van Oorschot and guitarist/vocalist Lucas Fokkema. At one moment guitarist/vocalist Lucas Fokkema even puts his guitar away to give his brutal vocals some extra power. Speaking of vocals, Icarius shows the aforementioned brutal vocals as well as more melodic clean vocals. Their set also contains a little piece of reggae in which the melodic vocals of Nick van Oorschot also sound very fitting. Icarius surely delivers a strong show.

After Icarius’ set and half an hour of changing the stage it is time for the band most people are waiting for this evening: Mountain Eye. Tonight Mountain Eye plays their entire debut album, but they also have a few surprises for the audience: they will also treat them with three new tracks. One of those being the Arabic-sounding, at times much-pounding Make Me Dream Forever. Not only this track pounds, the entire show of Mountain Eye surely does. At some moment they even show how to give a pounding performance with an acoustic guitar included. The track that was the least to my liking on the album, Diamonds On Your Tongue, even pounds when played live. It also seems to be a very popular track for many people in tonight’s audience. To me the other tracks do much more, but it surely isn’t a bad track at all. On stage is an upcoming band that just recently released their debut album, but you wouldn’t think so when checking them out live. They actually play a show like they are already an established band that has existed for quite a while, they surely deliver a immense, pounding performance and show themselves as being true stage-beasts. The tight riffs, the strong drums and the roaring bass thunder through the venue. What stands out the most however are the extremely strong vocals of Arthur, which are very intense and powerful. Mountain Eye clearly puts a lot of energy in their show and the energy that comes from the stage and gets to audience is also quite a lot, even resulting in quite a few moshpits.

It definitely was a very great evening and an awesome release show by a very promising band, on album as well as live. Mountain Eye surprised me with Roads Uncharted and at this show they surprised me again, even a bit extra. It’s almost impossible for this band not to have a great future ahead of them!

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