Review: Eva Can’t – Febbraio

Eva Can’t, a reference to death as the real and innate limit of the human nature, is an Italian metal band based in Northern Italy, in the city of Bologna to be precise. Being formed in 2009 the band’s line-up solely consists of local musicians and hasn’t changed since day 1. So with Simone Lanzoni ‘alla chitarra e come cantate’ (guitars and vocals), Luigi Iacovitti ‘ anche alla chitarra’, Andrea Maurizzi ‘alla basso’ (bass guitar) and Diego Molina ‘alla batteria’ (drums) Eva Can’t should be a well-attuned group, even more so since their upcoming release is their 5th overall. Regardless this rather extensive discography they’re not exactly a well-known player in the metal world outside of Italy. Maybe the fact their first releases were not backed by a label is the cause of this, or maybe, an educated guess here, their singing in their native tongue might have something to do with it. Either way it’s a shame, because music-wise there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they have unleashed on to the world so far. Their musical references come from all corners of the musical world, with plenty of room for more sensitive, subtle parts that smoothen the edges of their in essence melodic metal songs. To mark their 10th anniversary, Eva Can’t delivers an EP that supposedly embodies the transition from their previous release, Gravatum (unfairly), and their future release. It’s called Febbraio and it contains five songs, spanning just under 25 minutes.

Opener Februus (the Roman God of Purification) is an instrumental piece in which a soothing, lingering guitar builds up to a metal riff only to backtrack and start all over again. An intriguing start, lifting a tip of the veil, yet leaving enough to the imagination where it comes to what lies ahead of us. With each song Eva Can’t’s intentions become more clear, starting with the second song called Vermiglia (Ruby). Simone’s clean vocals that often stray far from the path of metal set in together framed by, again, a rather relaxing guitar rhythm. This song too builds towards a more rough set-up, with the emphasis on the guitar lines, but in all honesty it never gets really heavy. Candele (candles) shows a bit more bite with its moody intro that, via the now familiar soothing rhythm, ignites halfway through with an odd growl by Simone. Next up is title track Febbraio (February), a song that again packs a bit more power. A clear pattern develops here, as the soothing guitars have left the building for the most part, indicating a more heavy path. This theory is supported by the final song of this EP. It’s called Finale and despite its bluesy start it evolves into the most heavy song on the album. Simone picks up his growls once more, significantly adding body to the music.

Judging by this release and its function I’m in fact undecided on what path Eva Can’t has chosen. They might have chosen the more subtle, melodic side of metal, where at times one could even argue if the term metal is the most suitable in the first place. Where on Gravatum the more extreme corners of metal were visited incidentally, the band steered clear of said corners completely here. On the other hand, the increasing heaviness of the songs that is audible as the EP progresses might be an indication they’re aiming towards the more heavy side of metal. Does it matter? Well, in my opinion not even a little bit. I enjoy a wide variety of music and the types of music Eva Can’t plays on this EP are definitely part of that. I personally don’t care too much what type of music a band plays, or from to what genre they evolve, as long as they play tunes I enjoy. So regardless their choice of path, this EP is quite enjoyable as it is, with its constant changing of heaviness and intensity. I’m sure many of you will enjoy it as well as long as you don’t expect high-powered solos, thundering drumlines, roaring bass lines or glass-piercing vocals. The fact the lyrics are in Italian is only a point of criticism because I have no clue what they’re about, other than that I’m perfectly fine with it. This one left me curious to find out in what direction Eva Can’t will develop, so I’ll be sure to keep track of them.

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