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A mixture of hardcore punk, powerviolence, crust, negativity and hatred split over five tracks with a total length of eight and a half minutes. That is what Mario, Marco, Nicola and Simone, four guys from Turin, Italy deliver on the self-titled debut EP of their band Peste. Peste is released on January 11th via the record label This Is Core.

Right from the start of opener Mercy it’s very clear that the upcoming minutes will be very intense. The extreme intense shout immediately grips you tight, just as the well thought out chaotic-sounding instrumentation does. It’s something like well structured chaos, perfectly fitting the intense, extreme, chaotic and raw atmosphere of Peste. The drums are pounding, the bass rumbles, the guitar sounds crunchy and the vocals are raw, which makes  Peste crush. However there is some variation to be heard in the instrumentation when listening to it more detailed. That is what keeps Peste interesting, even after a few times of listening, this is surely not just some guys slamming their instruments. Besides that everything can be heard pretty clear, even though Peste definitely doesn’t sound polished. Peste thunders in an extremely fast tempo, with only sometimes a bit slower parts, like for example in Dead. By slowing down at some moments, Peste gets even more intense, both during the slowed down moments as during the faster moments that surround them. The energy Peste puts in their music, as well as the energy that comes off Peste is immense, this crushes you in a very intense way for sure!

Peste is a very strong EP, especially considering it being a debut EP. Unfortunately Peste is over way too soon with its five tracks in eight and a half minutes. However it of course is a very well done achievement to leave such an intense impression after such a short time. That is exactly what Peste does with this self-titled debut EP!   

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