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On March 22nd the Swedish death metallers of Bleeding Utopia will release their new album, titled Where The Light Comes To Die, via Black Lion Records. Recently DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed Bleeding Utopia’s guitarist Andreas and vocalist David.

Hey, congratulations with your upcoming album, Where The Light Comes To Die. It’s really nice!

Thank you, we really appreciate it and are glad you like it.

What is it that makes Bleeding Utopia Bleeding Utopia in your opinion?

We have had a fairly clear vision of how we want to sound right from the start. And we stick to it. People may think it has been done before but this is what we want and like to do. We like the Swedish death-metal from the 90s with bands like Dismember, Dissection, Amon Amarth, Necrophobic, At The Gates and bands like that, so we write what we like to listen to but with a bit of a modern touch…we do it our way.

For the release of Where The Light Comes To Die you signed to Black Lion Records. What makes Black Lion Records the best record label for Bleeding Utopia at this moment?

Black Lion is a very hard working label. We like Oliver (Owner of Black Lion) and think he is doing a great job with other bands so when he approached us and wanted to release the new Bleeding Utopia album it was a done deal. He also lives in Sweden so it makes the communication easy and he is easy to work with. Check out his other releases too, they are high quality metal.

What’s with the farting sound at the start of Enhance My Wrath?

Haha! It is a real fart actually. When we recorded the vocals I (David) farted just before the start. I didn’t know that we got it on tape. And when we heard it, we just simply kept it for fun. Immature people have more fun, right?

Enhance My Wrath also features a guest solo by Ryan Knight. How did this collaboration come to pass?

Well…I (Andreas) was thinking about that it would be cool to have a guest guitarist on the album, and I really like Ryan Knights style. So I send him a message on facebook and asked and send him the song. He liked it so he said yes and did a solo on the album. I never thought that he would reply but he was very nice and up for it. So…cool thing 🙂

In December Fredrik Riddarrn Ridderström became a full Bleeding Utopia member after being your stand-in bass player on the latest tour. What makes him the perfect replacement for Ipe?

Fredrik is a great bass player and a guy with passion for music and a lot of drive. He was the first one that came to mind and the only one we asked. He said yes to come along for the tour so we had that as an ”audition” for him, to see how it would work with the chemistry and everything. It worked out great and he is a great guy so there was no question about bringing him onboard.

On your Facebook page I saw a photo of Debbi, your microphone stand, your website shows some photos of other microphone standards which are comparable. It really looks cool, how did you come up with this idea?

I (David) wanted something different, something that people would remember and talk about. I got the idea from the movie Cannibal Holocaust and the famous impalement scene. So I bought a prop from a company in America and created a microphone stand out of her. She is also the result of the song Your Lifeless Sire from our album Darkest Potency.

Did you get reactions on these? If yes, what kind of reactions?

Oh yes! People really love Debbie. They want to take photos with her all the time, even the French police force! On a tour we were stopped there for a routine check and the first thing they see when they open the back doors is Debbie. It ended with everyone laughing and taking photos. She is so popular that she should get her own instagram, haha.

On March 30th you’ll have the release party for this album. Anything special planned for this show?

We have not planned anything specifically. We will play a bunch of new songs of course. And just have a fun night with the other bands and people coming there.

Besides that release party you already announced two other Swedish shows and one show in Estonia. Can we expect some more Bleeding Utopia shows in support of Where The Light Comes To Die? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

We will do a tour around October/November and will for sure try to book one or two shows in The Netherlands.

Recently it was 9 years ago Bleeding Utopia started. Are you going to plan something for your 10 year anniversary next year?

Well….maybe. We are collecting some old videos of rehearsing, live, making of and stuffs like that and maybe there will be something cool, just have to wait and see…maybe some special touring or something like that.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Never date a musician! Stay in school and don’t do drugs…then you will have more money for CDs, LPs and other band merch. We really hope that you like what you hear and that we will see you in the future.

Bleeding Utopia Official Website
Bleeding Utopia Facebook

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