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At the end of this month the Dutch death metallers of Bloodphemy will release their new album, titled In Cold Blood. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed them.

Hey, congratulations with your upcoming album, In Cold Blood. It’s really nice!

He DutchMetalManiac, thank you. We are also very satisfied with the new album. Although we had some lineup changes again we managed to get the album finished on time.

For this album you signed with Black Lion Records. What makes Black Lion Records the best record label for Bloodphemy at this moment?

Well our contract with Sleaszy Rider ended after our former album Bloodline. We decided to look around. We did send out some promo material and Black Lion already had an eye on us. They had a good offer and we wanted to get the album out for the festival season because we were already booked for some gigs. As you know the album will be released soon so it is right on time.

What is it that makes Bloodphemy Bloodphemy?

Winfred and I know eachother for many years now. We were bandmates in the early Pleurisy period and we always could write songs together very well. After he left Pleurisy he did put all his time and energy in his project Alterizer and gained a very own style. When we started Bloodphemy the first time around 2000 it was that combination from Winfreds guitar style and my more grooving drumstyle that made Bloodphemy. When we did the restart approx 12 years later nothing had changed, it was even much better. We also do love the low pitched death growl and so that is actually what Bloodphemy stands for.

This is your first album with vocalist Oliver van der Kruijf and bass player Robin Zwiep. Did that change something to the album creating process when you compare it with creating your previous album Bloodline? If so, what changed?

Well nothing changed the writing process. Still Winfred writes everything and I fill in the drumparts. He writes a song, sends it to me with a click and I play drums on it. Then we play and mess around with it in the rehearsal room and that is it. That is how we write from the beginning and it works out good and fast. We are already busy with new songs for our next album.

But soundwise we made a big step forwards because of Robin and Olivers play. They are experienced musicians and this helped very much with the recordings of the album.

Now Michel Alderliefsten also is an Bloodphemy-member. However on In Cold Blood he only plays guest solo’s in Bloodline, Mental Atrophy & Out of the Box. How did this collaboration came to pass?

Bloodphemy is a four piece now. Michel left after the recordings of In Cold Blood. Because he is also part of Neocaesar it became too busy for him. Rutger van Noordenburg (Bleeding Gods) our former guitarist will be our live guitarist.

What made you decide to make him a full Bloodphemy-member?

After the release of Bloodline Rutger decided to quit with Bloodphemy because he also became too busy with his 2 other bands Shinigami and Bleeding Gods. Before the restart of Bloodphemy I played together with Michel in KhaoZ, so it was quite logic for me to ask him for Bloodphemy

Two other guests on the new album are your former guitarist Rutger van Noordenburg and Bart van Wallenberg. Can you tell something about these collaborations?

Because Rutger played a few years in Bloodphemy it seemed cool to ask him for a solo on the album. We do like his style very much and he freaked out on A Barbarous Murder again. Michel came up with the idea to ask Bart (ex Sinister, Neocaesar) and he also did a hell of a job.

Needless to say we are very honoured to have them on this album.

Do you have any special plans for the day of the albumrelease?

If you are curious for that you have to check us out on the 6th of April in DB’s in Utrecht.

This is an interesting line up with Phlebotomized and Bruut who also do their album release.

On the 1st of December you organized your own fest, called Bloodfest, for the first time. How did you came up with that idea?

For many years I organize gigs for friended foreign bands but last year we decided to put these shows together to a festival. Bloodfest was born and our first edition was last year. Unfortunately Pandemia had to cancel their show and so we had to fill their place at the last moment with Sisters of Suffocation and they did a hell of a job. We had a killer line up with Pestilence as headliner.

How do you look back at the first edition?

For the first time organizing a festival we had a great day. There are many festivals nowadays so we have to gain our place in between.

Can we expect a second edition of Bloodfest? If yes, can you already tell something about it?

Yeah sure there will be second edition. Will be the second half of the year but for now I can not tell you more about this except that we will play there for sure.

At this moment you already announced six Bloodphemy-shows. Can we expect some more in support of In Cold Blood?

We will do some really cool festivals this summer to support the album. After the summer we will do 2 small tours and of course Bloodfest. And we will continue writing for the next album which we want to record next year. We also have to take into account that both Rutger and Olivier have other bands besides Bloodphemy which play live also.

At DutchMetalManiac we of course also regularly promote Dutch bands and the Dutch metal scene. Since Bloodphemy is Dutch too: what is your opinion on the Dutch metal scene?

At the moment the scene is very healthy. The older bands like Sinister, God Dethroned and Pestilence for example are still doin’ good and also the ‘younger’ ones like Bodyfarm, Bleeding Gods and Neocaesar are doin’ very good. There are so many good bands nowadays in Holland.

What Dutch bands would you recommend to check out, besides Bloodphemy?

I just got the new Phlebotomized which is a killer release. Hordearri just released a beast of an album, Inquisitor, TMDC and many more. We cannot complain about the Dutch scene and we never had to.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Well thanx for the interview and interest in Bloodphemy. Check out our album and we hope to see you at one of our gigs of course. Cheerz.

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