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Recently Glare of the Sun released its new album called Theia. DutchMetalManiac’s Henric van Essen already reviewed it here. He also interviewed Glare of the Sun’s vocalist and sound engineer Christoph Stopper.

Servus, und vielen Dank für die Gelegenheit ihnen zu befragen. Wie geht‘s ihnen?

Hey und hallo, Chris hier von GOTS! Mir geht es großartig, vielen Dank! Ich hoffe Dir auch!

Mein Deutsch ist bei Weitem nicht so gut wie mein Englisch, also ich geh weiter auf Englisch. First off, could you give us a little history on Glare Of The Sun and could you give us an introduction of who Glare Of The Sun are?

The band was founded 2013, but I think it all really began in 2015, when Martin (git) and Gerald (git, voc) joined GOTS. This is also the current line up together with Tobias (bass), Frebert (drums) and myself (voc &sounds). We’re from the Austrian-German border area with musicians from both countries. I’d describe our music as intense and free, dynamic soundscapes, growing in the heads of the listeners.

About Theia. I love it and I’d like to congratulate you guys with it! It is a highly varied, yet organic whole with roots in atmospheric, more somber corners of music where each song can be listened to as a stand-alone piece of work, but also seems to fit perfectly into the entire album. Can you shed some light on the entire process of writing and composing this great piece of art?

Oh thx man! That’s really great to hear! The production of Theia was a big part of our lifes, the last two years now. It was really important for us, that the album works as a whole and you still can understand and enjoy the single songs without the context. We all have very different musical backgrounds, but we unite as what is Glare of the Sun. There’s a lot of room for experiments, we do not have any rules within the band. That’s pretty cool and makes songwriting really exciting, everything is allowed. When Martin and Gerry are coming up with new ideas everyone is listening to them on his own. Every raw track brings its own energy and atmosphere, and everyone within the band works on that to make that bigger, stronger! Of course we all see and find different things in these tracks. When we then play the songs in the rehearsal room, everything comes pretty naturally, it’s like weaving all our thoughts together.

I find it remarkable that to me your music, unlike many other releases that tap pretty much the same musical vein, does not weigh on its listener like a rock, but instead keeps on offering a glimmer of hope and brightness. On top of that you picked an interesting name for yourselves in light of the type of music you supposedly play. Is it just me, or is it all deliberate? And if so, could you explain why?

Sure, our music is a reflection of who we are! And no matter how dark the times are, there’s always this shimmer of light that keeps us going as human beings. Even if you feel desperate about life, mankind or the world, it sometimes only takes one little thing to get back your strength. Whatever this is, find it for yourself! For us, this thing often is our music… nothing is ever completely lost, even if we sometimes want to see it that way.

The lyrics are not particularly uplifting, do they reflect your personal view on life? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Every song, every album is written in the moment, whether if it’s a dark one or a bright one. Downfalls are happening every day, and the apocalypse starts within every single one of us. Moral and ethical failures of persons, groups or whole societies. It’s what’s surrounding all of us all the time. A short look into ancient history, offers you a broad range of examples how this is going to end.
We like to leave room for interpretation though and often pack our lyrics into a mythical context. Every listener should get his personal thing out of it. There’s no right or wrong. I for myself, see some very strong, uplifting moments on Theia. They are rare, but they are there.

The complexity of your song structures is high, how do you see playing them live?

We already played some of the songs live in a special set at Seeds of Doom Festival! As we recorded all the effects and stuff live with our instruments and pedalboards, we can reproduce everything live on stage. That’s really important to us, taking the atmosphere from the album to the stage is one of the essential things! And I can promise you, it’s going to be really intense!

Speaking of playing live, do you have any plans regarding a tour or playing live at all?

Yeah, we are playing a release show with our friends of Anderwelt and Les Lekin in Salzburg next month.
This is going to be the start, we’re working on other dates, which are already in 2020 and maybe there’s a tour coming. In the meantime we’re open for bookings. If you guys ever meet us at a gig, let’s have a drink, talking about life and music!

Having listened to Soil earlier I see a definite growth in your music, as if it, and you along with it, matured, what are your thoughts on this and where would you like to see yourselves ten years from now? Will Austria be too big for Glare Of The Sun by then?

Soil was building the ground for what was going to come with Theia and whatever comes next. So it was an important album for us. Glare of the Sun is a living process, an evolution of individuals, of sound and creativity. We’ll continue this path, don’t giving a shit about trends and genres. GOTS never has been music for a quick listen. We demand passion to dive into our stuff. And as we have members from different countries, borders or nationalities are nothing we ever think about…

What would you be doing if you couldn’t play music anymore for whatever reason?

I’d produce music in my studio, but there’s definitely no way, music wouldn’t be part of my life!

Danke fürs Interview, danke für Theia, und vielleicht treffen wir uns noch mal irgendwo. Gibt es noch etwas, das Sie mit unseren Leser teilen möchten?

Thx for the cool questions, I enjoyed it a lot! It’s always a pleasure to meet people with passion. To everyone who didn’t listen to Theia yet, get yourself a copy (vinyl at best), go to your favourite place and let your mind flow with the music!

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