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On March the 1st Aren Drift released their debut EP, called Beneath the Surface. Recently DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed vocalist/backing guitarist Radka Nemcova (alias Aren D.), lead guitarist Matt Plumley, drummer Dominic Cahillane and bass guitarist Theo Corcoran, the four band members of Aren Drift.

Hey, how are you?

We are very good, thank you.

Can you tell us something about the history of Aren Drift?

Radka: We’ve been gigging for about two years now but we started working on our music a few years before that. I met Dom (the drummer) when he was working in Czech Republic a few years ago. I was running some jam sessions over there and we instantly clicked on a music level. After about a year I moved to Brighton and Dom introduced me to Matt (our guitarist). They used to be in a band together. I wanted to record some of my songs and Matt had a little studio at home. We started to work together and we really enjoyed it and so it began. Our original bass player (Dave Moore) left the band and was replaced by Theo who I met through Ollie Dolling, the guy we worked with on our debut video Snow Queen.

Matt: Originally there was no plan to create a band and Radka’s writing style at the time was more along the lines of international folk which gave me a chance to explore my jazzy/folky lead acoustic guitar playing which I loved, but I hadn’t envisaged it morphing into what it is today. I think it may have been when she brought Porcelain Dolls to the jam session I thought, ah ok this could be interesting. That was the turning point for me, it just got heavier from there and suited Dom’s cataclysmic style of drumming and my heavy rock/metal childhood conditioning.

Dominic: Born in Czech, grew up in Croydon, matured in Worthing.

For people not knowing you (yet), how would you describe your music yourself?

Dominic: Cinematic progressive rock with light and dark overtones. It’s an ethereal mix of rock with heavy and international influences.

Radka: I think we are mixture of classic rock, prog rock, metal, nu metal and international music. Our music is quite progressive but still very melodic. It’s hard to describe your own band. I guess you just have to go to YouTube or Google Play and check it out yourself.

Matt:  Yeah I think prog rock with a female soul. 🙂

Theo: I’d say that our music is a good blend of heavy rock and prog with a  theatrical sound and international influences.

What makes Aren Drift unique?

Radka: We use all sorts of unusual music progressions while keeping the music quite catchy. Also I have contralto vocals which is not very common and the boys have various music experience with all sorts of music genres so when it all come together it sounds quite unique. Apparently we sound different to the other bands. At least that’s what we were told by our followers and the promoters we work with.

Dominic: You’ll know when you hear it. It’s not something I can explain but come to a show and you’ll feel it.

Matt: It’s important to have a ‘voice’ in music and I don’t just mean vocal wise, I mean in the sense that you need a fingerprint in your music that sets you apart and also something that people can instantly recognise you by. Integrity is the key same as in life, if you are trying to emulate someone or something in the belief it will bring you success then you will probably fail. Radka writes from the heart and her Czech background and music influences from there have brought something else to her writing.

Any future plans you can already tell us something about?

Radka: We want to release a couple of videos and go back to the studio to start recording our album.

Dominic: There’s a new video coming out for Sun Goes Down which is the latest single from our EP Beneath The Surface – available from all major streaming sites 🙂
Looking to track the drums for the second half of the album this year and book a tour.

Any upcoming gigs for Aren Drift? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Dominic: I would love to get over to The Netherlands for a show, I’ve only made it to Breda and Kaatsheuvel so far so there is a lot of places I need to visit.

Radka: We have quite a few gigs and festivals to play which we are very excited about. You can see us in Brighton, Reading, Basingstoke, Hatfield (The Rock Den) just to name a few. We will also appear at Sunshine Festival in August bank holiday which should be really cool. Check out our Facebook page for more info about our upcoming gigs. We have nothing planned in The Netherlands but if there is booking agent / a promoter who wants us to come over, please get in touch. We’d love to gig at The Netherlands.  

How do you think your life would be without music?

Dominic: There is no life without music.

Radka: I can’t even imagine. I live for music. I am a very creative person and I also like photography and art. I do all the artwork for the band so I guess I would spend more time doing these things but nothing can replace music in my life. It is my passion and my outlet. I love it.

Theo: I think that without music in my life I’d be a completely different person. Music has had such a huge impact on who I am, how I define myself and has made me a creative person.

What advice would you give to young and starting bands?

Radka: Follow your passion, go to the gigs and support the other bands. Try to start gigging as soon as you can because every performance on the stage make you better musician and build up your confidence. Don’t give up.

Matt: Record your jam sessions and listen back to them quietly and take time out to have acoustic jam sessions. It’s important to hone in on the details of what you are playing to make sure there’s no clashing notes or rhythm, so my motto is record, analyse and correct. Also learn how to intonate your guitar, Google it or get a guitar tech to do it for you. Plus if you are going to a studio to record, have your parts worked out properly, don’t go in thinking you can just wing it, you will waste time, money and more than likely be disappointed with the results.

Dominic: Gigs gigs gigs! Go to them, play them, put one on. Get a feel for venues. Get to know your live scene and hone your live set as much as you can, then let it evolve naturally onstage.

Theo: Practice. Everyone says it, but it’s true. Practice as much as you can so that you understand your own sound, and in turn, you can take that to a band and create your own sound.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Radka: We have a big respect to everyone who goes to the gigs and support live music. The live music would disappear from the clubs without people like you. Thank you for supporting the music scene.

Matt: Support your local music scene, go out and watch some bands, NOW I tell thee 🙂

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