Live review: Cult Leader and Implore at Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, July 2nd, 2019

Photo by Leon Schut

On the evening of Tuesday July the 2nd it is time for an evening filled with a lot of heavily pounding music in the venue of Merleyn in Nijmegen. The band that is tonight’s headliner is Cult Leader. As support act the band Coilguns was previously announced, but two days before this show it was announced that Coilguns wasn’t going to perform this evening. Despite the short notice a replacement support act, Implore,  was found.

Photo by Leon Schut

So, it’s up to Implore to kick off this heavy evening. They immediately start their set at an enormously furious pace not to stop this until the end of their set, with a few exceptions during some short pauses without songs. However, that end of Implore’s set already is quite fast, they play a bit less than half an hour. However, this evening isn’t about doom- or post-metal-like music, so this still means that Implore delivers us quite many songs in this quite short set. Implore doesn’t only play very fast, but also extremely heavy, intense and energetic music. Because of this there’s a lot of energy and movement to be seen on stage. To me this seems to be music on which not moving isn’t an option, however there is not that much moving to be seen among the audience. On a certain moment vocalist Gabriel Dubko gives some special attention to bass guitarist Carol Lieb, because of the fact that he became a band member of Implore only recently and this only being his third show as Implore’s bass guitarist. That he is quite new however isn’t something that influences Implore’s show, the band seems to be very well attuned to each other and they perform a very strong set. The sound of his bass is quite loud, but this seems to be a deliberate choice. Implore surely delivers a very strong opening set!

Photo by Leon Schut

After Implore’s set and a short pause in which the stage is being prepared for the set of tonight’s headliner, it’s time for Cult Leader. Cult Leader immediately shows to also bring extremely heavily pounding, intense and energetic music. However, they do this in a way that is quite different compared to Implore. Where Implore’s set was quite straightforward compared to Cult Leader, the songs of Cult Leader are more chaotically structured. Cult Leader also shows a lot of energy on stage and it can also be seen very clearly that the band members are feeling their music completely. Vocalist Anthony Lucero completely clings to the microphone stand to vocally give everything he can, while especially drummer Casey Hansen and bass guitarist Sam Richards are showing a lot of energy. There is a bit more movement to be seen in the audience, but this still isn’t very much. However, this has nothing to do with the quality of tonight’s shows, because Cult Leader also delivers a very heavily pounding, tight and strong show. Heavily pounding for the main part I mean, because Cult Leader clearly can do more than only play heavy and fast music. They also play a few songs in which they let go of their raging pace. This way it gets clear quite soon that this band also can play quite quietly, while executed in that same very tight way. During these songs vocalist Anthony Lucero also shows to be able to deliver some very well fitting clean vocals that are in big contrast with the extremely raw vocals he spits through the venue during the heavier songs.

Cult Leader as well as Implore both surely delivered one hell of a show on this nice, heavy evening!

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