Review: Synopsys – Timeless

They come from Avignon, France and they are called Synopsys. Synopsys is François Evrard who takes care of the samples and keyboards, drummer Gregory Lo Negro, guitarists Julien Ollier and Vincent Taiani and bassist Jean-Michel Llorca. The last three members also take care of the vocals. They play a mix between post rock and metal with heavy but also atmospheric parts. In August 2012 they released a demo and in October 2014 comes their newest release Timeless, an EP. Also they are already writing a full album.

But now about Timeless, their newest EP, which comes out in October this year. It contains 4 tracks and it keeps you listening for 28 minutes. The beginning of this release is relaxing and the more the first track keeps playing it becomes more heavier. It ends real heavy. The second track, We Have Still The Sun, is a bit more relaxed, but not boring, completely not. The entire EP constantly keeps you interested. There are two sort of vocals at this release, a typical clean post-rock voice, but also the raw metal voice is present.

This sure is a good release, but for the metalheads who like their metal brutal and fast in an constant way, this is not your music. For metalheads who like their metal sometimes a little bit less extreme, this is an release you sure must check, you will love it.

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