Interview: Castle Freak

You are Castle Freak. Why that name?

Because it’s spooky. However it has nothing to do with the Stuart Gordon movie.

How did you guys form? What is the history of the band?

One day in 2012 Francis from Cape of Bats and I were sitting in my bedroom and we thought it would be fun to do a Repulsion style death metal band in my basement. He came up with the name and while never actually was a member of Castle Freak is just as much a founder as myself. After I’d written what would become the first demo I started rehersing with Pierson and within a month we recorded the first demo. My friend Blaze briefly joined us on bass for one or two shows, he left so I asked Dylan if he would step in and he said yes. We played like that for maybe a year just myself, Pierson and Dylan. It wasn’t really until about October 2013 Blaze came back on second guitar. We played for maybe 4 months like that before he left again, but not until after we finished recording the Still Rotting tracks in January 2014. As soon as Blaze left again I recruited Zak and that’s been our lineup since.

In 2012 you released an demo, what has changed in the sound to Still Rotting, your newest release?

I think you’ll be able to tell we’re branching out more from the whole ‘Repulsion worship” thing. I think this is going to be the release where we really dig our boots in the mud and find our style. There’s a lot more Autopsy and Carnivore in there. Our friend Cassidy who drums in Cape of Bats actually recorded the new demo and David from Living Decay mastered the tracks.

What are the lyrics about on your new release Still Rotting?

All the usual death metal cliche’s: zombies, death, wacky tobaccy.

You call yourselves grinding death punks. Why?

It’s the perfect classification of ourselves and our music.

What are the influences of your music?

Repulsion, Carnivore, Carcass, monster movies, pro-wrestling.

What does the future look like for Castle Freak?

I feel like the sky is the limit, really. We have plans for more releases in the future. Right now we’re looking to play out more, get our name some exposure. That’s our main focus.

Can we expect to see you live soon? If so, where?

Yes, we have a show in Baltimore w/Horrendous, Cemetery Piss & Bestial Evil 10/18 and Castle Freak will be taking part in Oneonta Punk Fest located in upstate NY 10/25.

And, to finish, do you have anything else to say?

Chris Kennedy from Occult 45, there is a folding chair with your name on it in my trunk.

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