Review: De Profundis – Frequencies

Hailing from the United Kingdom, here is De Profundis. They make progressive death metal and the line-up is Craig Land on vocals, Shoi Sen and Paul Nazarkardeh on guitars, Arran McSporren on bass and Nick Tingle on drums. They have now released their newest EP Frequencies.
Frequencies contains 4 songs, from which the last one is a cover of Death’s Crystal Mountain. The total length of this EP is 20 minutes. Expect some very brutal heavy death metal, which is also very progressive. Expect low growls, and heavy, blastbeating drums with fast guitars combined with slower, more progressive parts with guitarsolos. This EP will not bore you. Sometimes it is chaotic, but it is not too much, it is still good to listen to. De Profundis isn’t just a band, this band will get somewhere. It has its very own touch and ways of making music.
So, you like progressive death metal? Go listen to De Profundis. This is some good music.

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