DutchMetalManiac exists one year

Hey maniacs, Tim here!

One year ago, the idea of DutchMetalManiac came to my mind and this post is to celebrate that anniversary.

I started DutchMetalManiac from the beginning, so there was nothing. Now, one year later, review requests are coming in, news releases will come through and sometimes we have interviews or live reviews. I want to thank all the bands, labels and promoters for that.

Since DutchMetalManiac started to grow, I realized I couldn’t handle it my own. So I started searching for more writers. While we still looking for more writers, we found some already.
So a huge thanks to DutchMetalManiac’s writers (besides me): Julia Obenauer, Joost van der Leij, Glenn van der Heijden, Alex Kelderman, Ron van Coevorden and Nathasja Voerman.

Furthermore I want to thank all the people who support DutchMetalManiac, especially you, the readers of DutchMetalManiac. Thank you!

So, I hope you enjoy DutchMetalManiac in the future and spread the word.

Stay metal maniacs!

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