Review: De Profundis – Kingdom Of The Blind

Are you feeling like listening to melodic death metal, with just the right amount of doom and black metal influences? Then look no further than De Profundis, from the UK. Coming up in September this year is their newest full-length record, Kingdom of the Blind, with amazing artwork from Costin Chioreanu, who also designed cover arts for Arch Enemy and At The Gates, to name a few.

After a very dark-doom metal like intro we’re thrown right into a death metal piece. Loads of speed, loads of grunts, loads of variations… to me this record is not a standard Gothenburg melodic death metal piece, but rather takes a step towards progressive death metal, if you really want to label this record somehow. Rather, De Profundis play around with a lot of variations, for instance in mixing in different genres and creating a lot of different tempi in their songs. A highlight, in my opinion, are the jazz-influences on particular songs, sometimes even full passages such as found in All Consuming. Overall, De Profundis manage to create their very own, very particular sound throughout the whole of the 10 songs.

In conclusion, Kingdom of the Blind will leave you surely intrigued, even if you’re not a huge fan of the death metal genre. This record is not to be missed, can fully recommend it! 9/10.

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