Live review: Right Of Way Festival, 26 September 2015, De Rotonde, Berkel En Rodenrijs

I never went to a metal festival before. The only festival I ever went to was Pinkpop. That is why I was surprised that this Right Of Way Festival (ROW) was not as big as I thought. It was held in a small bar on a sports terrain called ´De Rotonde´. It was nice, because I like small concerts.

Faith Ablaze was the first band that took the stage. The band was full of energy and I quite liked it. The singer Kevin Kerver was full of energy and ran around the small stage all the time. It was hard to make a photo that was not blurry, but that is not important. The smile of Kevin was very contagiously and it made me very happy. I thought it was a pity that all the songs were build the same. The songs became boring near the end, so that is something they have to work on.

The next band was Warmaster. I think this band already has a lot of experience. Their performance was excellent, like a professional band. The vocals from Corné Bijlemeer were very good and he was expressing the words also very good. The only annoying thing was that he was standing in once place the whole time. And if someone was standing before you, you could not see him. The band did not have merchandise for sale, otherwise I would have bought a CD.

It was time for Rise Upon Fortunes at five o’clock. The room was filled with more people, but no one dared to dance on their music. Maybe it was a little too early for metal core? You could really see this band was doing their best to make a great performance. It was good music too, because the screaming was really intense. It was nice to listen to.

In the 30 minute break that follows, I bought a hamburger from the catering. It’s a good hamburger, but it’s a shame I couldn’t buy it with coins.

After dinner it’s time for the band Roadkill. This band is a heavy metal band. Their music sounds very familiar, but that’s mainly because this band is inspired by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. This band got something a lot of bands nowadays do not have. Singer Mac Blade has a really powerful voice and that is a big plus.

The only band with a lady this evening is Nox Aeterna. This band was playing melodic death metal and they were playing it very good. I actually bought a CD, because they were so good. The guitarist Debbie Maasdam was just rocking it and the drums from James Kopperlaar were to my liking. You could notice they already had a lot of experience with giving concerts. It was just a shame I couldn’t hear which song they were going to play next.

Next up is Kill The Innocent. This is a band from Gonderange, Luxembourg. A few people in the public weren’t so pleased with the band only talking English. I thought this band was okay, because they were not connecting with the audience and the singer never genuinely thanked us. The music did not sound too bad, but it just wasn’t it for me. Maybe a little more practice?

SEITA was next. This band is a thrash and death metal band. I thought they really did a good job with the audience, because they tried to involve everyone in their performance. The music was perfect. I hope I can see them perform more often, because they were just excellent.

The last band was Magnacult. I was really looking forward to this band, but sadly I could not see it perform. Because the location of the festival was really far away from a train station, I had to leave early. I still had fun, but I hope the location changes next year.

I want to thank the organisation from ROW for having me J

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