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On January 30th, Bring On The Bloodshed released their new album Amongst The Ruins. Here you can read the review of it from DutchMetalManiac’s Julia Obenauer. Now it was her turn to ask bassist Maggy some questions.

Hey guys, thank you very much for doing this interview! Your new album, titled Amongst the Ruins, was released on the 30th of January, and you will be throwing a release party on the 6th of February in Haarlem. Excited to present your new stuff live for the first time?

Ow yea! Our releaseshow was on the 6th February. The first time we played the majority of the new songs of our album for a live audience. In Belgium we’ve already tested the new songs live, so we could see what made the crowd move and get wild 🙂 Those were the songs we choose to play live on our release show. The releaseparty took place in the Patronaat, with the metalsensation Dew Scented and also In Time Of Plague from Haarlem and Deem Index. We had a blast! Big crowd, positive reactions and a pleasant ambience. Couldn’t ask for more!

This album has a very unique sound in my opinion, and received many great reviews so far. Proud that the reactions turn out to be very positive so far?

Yes, this was exactly our plan and for us it worked out, glad to hear that you have noticed it too because that is a huge compliment for us. We wanted to incorporate more Scandinavian style metal together with these breakdowns which is a little bit our signature style.

We worked so hard for this, we were very proud of the result. It is an award getting all those positive reviews from magazines/ezines. Honestly, we were very nervous. But now we are super confident in what we do and make more songs like these, we know we are on the right track. Of course what matters most are the reviews of our fans and bands we play with. So far so good 🙂

How did you approach the writing/ production part of the album?

Basically the guitars players David & Tobi come up with some riffs which are presented to the
rest and the drum kicks in together with the bass. But it can also happen that an idea is coming from
Rogier based on lyrics that he worked on and need a particular sound. In all cases the songs are
mostly been created working together in our rehearsal studio, really the oldfashioned way. We have to be together to create an awesome track.

When writing for Amongst The Ruins we wanted to think more out-of-the-box, tried some new things, which was exciting. We wanted a more metalsound, and it turned out so much more mature as our past album. For the recordings we went to our friends of Double Impact Productions, who also recorded Dark Clouds. They did an amazing job.

You have built quite a fanbase already and toured extensively. Any great stories from the road you feel like sharing?

It seems like our fanbase is still growing, that is great. We’ve seen reviews in ezines outside of the Netherlands, an item bout us on a tv-show in Russia, and then we were asked for a radioshow in the USA… Nothing really crazy so far, think signing boobs with our autograph is the weirdest rockstarthing so far 🙂

Is there any place you are particularly looking forward to play at? Or any wishes for upcoming concerts?

It sounds really cheesy, but we are always super excited for every gig we do. When it is in a big venue, a festival, or in your hometown. We are excited for Pitfest, the 9th of april. We will share the stage with Sinister, an awesome band. Tattoofest in the Hedon is also a nice one. Getting tattoeed while listen to live metalmusic, great combination!

What’s your view on the current Dutch metal scene? Any upcoming releases you are particularly excited about?

Bring on the Bloodshed is formed 7 years ago. We’ve seen bands come and go and there is a new generation kids who step up with their bands. Allthough we are not the youngest, we still go to shows and festivals, we read the magazines, we still are interested in new bands, the scene. Seeing all those metalheads on festivals or shows is awesome. The metalscene in Holland is still alive and kicking!

We are excited for the new album of the Dutch metalbands Dew Scented, For I Am King and Izegrim.

Next to the release party, you have two more live gigs planned so far in the Netherlands. Is there any chance to see you live this year, either here in Holland or abroad?

We are still working on shows and festivals this year, we hope the positive reviews on our new album will help when booking shows. We’ve played two shows so far in 2016 and still 5 in the planning, in Drenthe (Pitfest), Overijssel (Tattoofest), Brabant, Noord-Holland and also Belgium in October. And we are checking dates to go on tour later this year…not sure if we will do the UK again or maybe East-Europe. If you check our Facebookpage frequently you can’t really miss it.

Do you like to say anything to our readers?

If you haven’t heard of Bring on the Bloodshed, check Spotify and listen to our new album Amongst the Ruins for free. Also give a like on our Facebookpage and stay updated for brutal news! Please come see us at our shows and have a chat with us.

We thank you very much for your interest in our band and this interview.

Thank you for doing this interview!

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