Live review: Symphony X, Myrath, Melted Space at 013, Tilburg, 20-3-2016

Tilburg’s 013 marked the final leg of Symphony X’s “Underworld Europe Tour”, as for their guests from Myrath and Melted Space, and so it should be another epic evening in Brabant.

The French guys from Melted Space opened the evening with a 30-minute setlist, filled with opera metal. Already impressive and bombastic to listen to on their records, their live performance was even better, even though it got partly pretty crowded on the Jupiler stage with keyboards, drums, one bassist, one guitarist and 4 (!) singers. Nevertheless, as said, Melted Space was able to convince everyone of their capabilities, performing mainly from their latest record, The Great Lie. Extracts were No Need to Fear and Terrible Fight, to name just two. Great show, let’s hope we get to see more of these guys in the future!

Next up was ex-Symphony X tribute band Myrath, coming all the way from Tunesia. Oriental influences can also be heard in their songs and of course in their 7-song performance, kicking off with Jasmin, and amongst other followed by Wide Shut and Merciless Times. A very powerful performance that was the fundamental, together with Melted Space, for the main event of the evening…

… and after a 30 minute tag break, it was time for progressive metallers Symphony X. The guys from New Jersey really cared about having a great time on this final night of the European tour, and so did the audience. Starting with the Overture of their latest record Underworld, they proceeded to play the entire album, including Nevermore and my personal favorite of the album, Without You. Great gestures were the dedication of Swan Song to the deceased Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero, and Legend to Ronnie James Dio. Next to the brilliant songs of Underworld, Symphony X also performed some older songs, such as Sea of Lies and Out of the Ashes from the The Divine Wings of Tragedy-album. After 1,5 hours and an overall brilliant evening, it was time to say adieu. Let’s hope the guys come back soon!

Setlist Symphony X:
1. Overture (from tape)
2. Nevermore
3. Underworld
4. Kiss of Fire
5. Without You
6. Charon
7. To Hell and Back
8. In My Darkest Hour
9. Run With the Devil
10. Swan Song
11. The Death of Balance
12. Out of the Ashes
13. Sea of Lies
14. Set the World on Fire
15. Legend

Read our review of The Great Lie by Melted Space here.

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