Review: Anvil – Anvil Is Anvil

Anvil, the Canadian heavy metal band was formed in 1978. This old, old band has put 15 albums already has just released the next one. As most people know Anvil do not take themselves too serious. So it’s really hard for me to treat this album as a normal album.

They start off with a song called Daggers and Rum and the feel and sound just seem nicked of Alestorm. Anvil has been around a lot longer and since I don’t listen to the older Anvil stuff it could be the other way around. Still, it’s a fun song. It’s what you would expect from Anvil. But not much more.

Up, Down, Sideways starts off stronger and is a bit heavier. It seems inspired by the late, great Lemmy Kilmister and this is a song you just need to bang your head to. The bass at points seems almost Cliff Burtonesque. It’s aggressive, it’s fun.

Gun Control is a slower song which starts promising but doesn’t quite deliver. The lyrics are a bit weird, not in the good ol’ Anvil way, and the licks and riffs seem uninspired.

Die for a Lie is a bit better. More aggressive again, faster, again with the Kilmister sound in the voice. And damn this song is catchy! The riff has a bit of Mustaine stains and the hook of the song is so damn catchy!

Runaway Train starts with the sound of an oncoming train and after that it all goes classic Anvil. The drums, guitars, voice and lyrics just scream old school Anvil.

Zombie Apocalypse has got to be one of the worst songs on the album. It starts off pretty good but as soon as the singing starts they suddenly play slower trying to sound heavier or more bombastic or something. The lyrics are boring and so is this song. It seems like they tried to go for something new and they failed.

It’s Your Move is more upbeat again and heavier because of the standard pace. It’s a fun song and the licks are great. This song also features a fun solo, they don’t do that enough in my opinion so this was fun.

Ambushed is more down to earth heavy metal. You can definitely hear the standard and classic Anvil in this, especially in the singing and lyrics.

Fire on the Highway… This song is a bit in the same category as Zombie Apocalypse. They tried to go for something and missed. It sounds sloppy, boring and I just don’t like this song.

Run Like Hell is a good song again though. The drumming that seemed of in fire on the highway is back on track, the riff is easy to listen to and the it’s all pretty decent.

Forgive Don’t Forget starts with a drum bit, after the guitars and bass join in they start singing in a very bombastic way which suits this song. They repeat that process again throughout the song which is pretty okay. The song is fun, not great, but fun none the less.

Never Going To Stop is a bonus track and the last song on this album. I consider this the best song on the album. It’s catchy, fun, very Anvil and it makes me want to bang my head to the stage with cheap beer in my hand.

Now to make a quick summary of the album. It’s chaotic, but then again, it’s Anvil.
It’s fun, but it is sometimes sloppy in both instrumentals and production.
The song range from pretty darn bad to pretty good.

All in all I am giving this album the benefit of the doubt and it gets a 6/10.

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