Review: Van Halst – World Of Make Believe

Van Halst is a metalband from Canada with the genre: hardrock/metal with goth rock influences. This is their debut album released on March 4th.

The albums start off with the track The End, this song starts slowly with some drums, then kicks in with some fast paced drums and guitar riffs. You start headbanging right away, then the rhythm starts in that picks your attention to keep listening. The chorus Stand Up is easy to sing along with. The song Save Me was earlier available to the listeners. It is a song that let you hear all kind of different riffs, sing-a-long parts and very catchy vocals. World Of Make Believe is a song that talks about wanting to live in a world where everyone is equal in all measures. The song Put Him Down is like a blues song, but with heavy tones to it. This is a great song if you like strong vocals and guitar solos. This debut album ends with the track Perfect Storm you should think they would end it with a title as “Start”, but that is not the case. This is a song that you can hear the true nature of her voice, very clean high and beautiful. The piano makes it all flow from begin to end.

This is a must have album for all hardrock, gothic and metal listeners/fans. This is a perfect debut album. This band has some great potential to grow worldwide if they keep it up like this.

1. The End
2. Save Me
3. Ryan’s Song
4. World of Make Believe
5. Questions
6. Denying Eyes
7. Monster
8. Plastic Smile
9. Put Him Down
10. Perfect Storm

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