Review: Asylum Pyre – Spirited Away

Asylum Pyre is a French melodic metal band. They released their 3th album Spirited Away on October 23, 2015.

The album starts with the track Second Shadow. The beginning is quiet with the text Mommy, Mommy. Then the riffs kick in and it is a metal song again. The second track The Silence of Dreams starts with a bit of grunting that goes to the normal singing. The middle of the song is different from bands that I heard before. The drums are impressive fast which gives pace to the songs. In Hayao’s Arms is a short instrumental song (50 seconds). It’s really peaceful and a resting point from the other metal tracks. Shivers is a fast song with also grunting in it, I just hoped to hear more of her voice and less drum or guitars. This 13 track album ends of with Fly, it has an opening that gives you goose bumps, really beautiful. Only thing is that it’s not a metal song, they don’t end strong. The English wasn’t good to understand in most parts, because she has an accent.

If you like melodic with some peaceful parts. This is a band for you, give them a try.

1. Second Shadow
2. The Silence Of Dreams
3. Only Your Soul
4. Unplug My Brain
5. In Hayao’s Arms
6. Spirited Away
7. The White Room
8. Soulburst
9. At My Door
10. Shivers
11. Instants In Time
12. Remembering
13. Fly

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