Review: X-Tinxion – From The Ashes Of Eden

Started as a technical 80’s thrash metal band X-Tinxion delivers us their first album.
The first thing I noticed is that it isn’t at all just 80’s thrash.
Of course the influence can still be heard in many songs, but they managed to put other influences in the music as well.
The album kicks off with Amalgamation, and what I first notice is the powerful vocals on it.
I honestly had a few sessions listening needed to believe this is a girl singing, specially on the more brutal grunty vocals. There is a strong thrashy sound, which is nicely mixed with melodic atmospheric clean female vocals. The drums also deserve all attention, specially together with the bass guitars it creates a wall of power reaching your ears.

That is exactly what the rest of the album delivers.
It is strong, it has power, the speed is fast enough but never really too fast.
It is easy to hear that this band started as 80’s technical thrash influenced.
Specially on a track like Uniformity which is probably the most thrashy song on the album with little bit less modern influences.

I would specially like to recommend Survivors of Hell.
It is my favorite track of the album.
It is among the fastest tracks, and the vocals are strong. Monica (the vocalist) manage to use as much of her voice, grunty with pitch changes and kinda deep sounds as well.

I can talk like that about all the songs. There are no songs on this album misplaced, and none of them lack in power.
The production is clear, all the separate instruments can be heard, and it still holds a small 80’s thrashy sound.

For anyone of you who likes 80’s technical thrash metal without any new influence this album won’t convince you otherwise.
But if you like it in a little progressive way with modern influences and some more melodic guitar play with modern vocals, then you will be in good hands when listening to this album.
It brings all, grunty and clean melodic vocals, heavy guitars, flashy and also melody carrying guitar solos, and powerful drums.
While they may not be the most unique band, where other (thrash) metal bands already became influenced with the modern sound as well, they deserve their place among all of them.

I would say go buy the album if you love thrash metal. Be open-minded.
You will not be disappointed.
For me personally this band gave me new ideas about how thrash metal can be modernized.
And I will love it.


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