Live review: Rammstein at Rock Werchter, Belgium, July 1st 2016

On July 1st of 2016, Rammstein played at Rock Werchter and I was there at the front row, right in front of Paul (guitarist) to review it for you for the second time. After a long day waiting from 10:00 till 23:30 standing in the line for the ticket control and run to the front. around 23:30 they finally began to count it down. 60 seconds till the music started to play. Flake (pianist) started with a little solo and then Schneider (drummer) did that too. Richard (guitar) and Paul (guitar) come down the lights from above. That was a powerful opening. Until Till (singer) came from the left, tapdancing, but not in black as he did at Pinkpop, but in white. That was amazing to see.

When the song Mein Herz Brennt was played at Pinkop, the flaming heart (pyro) didn’t work. It was a relief that it did work at Rock Werchter, so we finally could see the effect. It makes the song more powerful. The song after Mein Herz Brennt was Links 2-3-4 that is also a pro shot on Canvas. Links is a beautiful song with lot of interaction with the public. every time the big lights came on you put both your hands up and yelled. Till (singer) his microphone also stood good when he came. At Pinkpop, the microphone stood to low and the technician got a bottle of water thrown on him from Till.

From this point on, the set list was changed from Pinkpop. First came the song Sonne; beautiful song, only at the end it felt like my eyebrows came off. Because the fire was more to the front than on Pinkpop, you felt more heat. Only the flames didn’t work earlier at the song (Du Hast) at the front. The mid part of Sonne is the best Paul and Richard are jamming with Schneider. The song Amerika was also very different from Pinkpop. This time they had confetti cannons with red, blue and white.

This was my second review of Rammstein live. This is a band you must see live even if you don’t like their music.

Setlist Rock Werchter:
1. Ramm4
2. Reise, Reise
3. Hallelujah
4. Zerstören
5. Keine lust
6. Feuer frei!
7. Seemann
8. Ich tu dir weh
9. Du riechst so gut
10. Mein herz brennt
11. Links 2-3-4
12. Ich will
13. Du hast (Laichzeit riff intro)(flames didn’t work)
14. Stripped
15. Sonne
16. Amerika
17. Engel

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