Review: Bailer – Shaped By The Landscape

A first listening session of the songs on this EP teaches me that this is a hardcore/metalcore band. And since I am not a common listener of that genre, I cannot really judge this EP very good. Therefore, this will be a very opinionated review.

This band was formed a while ago, but this is their debut EP. Before this they had released several singles.

The EP kicks off with the song Failsafe. A fast and explosive track with fast aggressive vocals and a lot of drum and guitar power. It is easy to hear that the guys in the band are energetic and willing to play loud and fast and with passion for music and the hardcore scene in general.

For me the highlight on this EP is the song Anti-Venom. It seems as a mix of thrash metal and hardcore and it starts with a nice metal-loaded riff and then the vocals kick back in for a full 3,5 minutes of power and energy.

And there you have it, that is what this mini album holds. Fast explosive guitars with rolling drums and deep bass. And all that combined with aggressive vocals, which now and then try to reach a clean tone as well.

I am sure that, if you like metalcore/hardcore, this band is something you’ll enjoy, and if they can deliver this energy on stage as well, they will get a lot of attention and wild live performances.

There is one thing I found out when searching the net: the physical cd version contains 6 songs, while the online sold and distributed version contains only 4. So I cannot tell if the power of the first 4 songs is equal on the other 2, but I do believe that it is safe to trust that it does, ‘cause it is impossible to believe that they would have ruined that on the remaining 2 songs.

I won’t rate this one with a score, ‘cause I am no expert, but I will still recommend all hardcore and metalcore fans and addicts to go check this band out. That can be either on stage somewhere or on the (digital) EP album.

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