Review: Fallen Eight – Rise & Grow

A great album if you are into some more modern streams of metal. The album is a masterpiece of recording goodness, as everything, and I mean everything, is heard clearly and clean. All the instruments are heard, the vocals are mixed in with a master’s touch, and judging by that standard alone, this album should get 10/10. But, the album’s problems are not in the recording and mixing. The album’s problem is the songwriting. If you have ever heard Bullet for my Valentine, you will know what this band sounds like, and I am not saying that is bad; I am saying that this style of metal has been really popular since 2005 on to today and that maybe the market for bands like this is saturated. Nevertheless, the album is of great quality in the recording department and in the execution of the songs, and the band could have a great future in metal if they improve the songwriting process and stray away, maybe, from the mainstream that could make their music just another drop of water in the sea.

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