Review: Mos Generator – Abyssinia

Return to the roots. That is how I would describe this album. If you are into some classical melodic hard rock this is the album for you. Simply amazing. I was stunned by the way the band managed to recreate the old sound of hard rock of the 90’s, and that is not a small feet in today’s day and age.

The delivery in the instrumental department is stunning, all of the instruments are nail on the head accurate with no mistakes. Moreover the sound quality of the instrumentation is awesome and the song arrangement also helps in the sound layers. The mixing is also great, as the bass and the vocals are clearly heard in the mix with the bass sometimes taking the lead rhythm role in some parts of the songs and the album. Unlike other albums I do not have a beef with anything in this album.

Some people may see it as a bit old fashioned for today, but in general this is a great album, and I encourage all to get the album and listen to, as it is more than worth of your time of day. I give it a 9/10.

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