Review: Car Bomb – Meta

If I were to make a list of heaviest, most mind blowing albums of the year, this one would most likely ice the cake. This is heavy music man. Definitely not for the in-experienced listener. In-depth thoughts below!

As I was saying. Meta is the third output of the band Car Bomb from Long Island, New York. This release is their second time putting their music out independently. Their first effort was released by record label Relapse Records.

To be really honest, before Meta I did not even know the band before I saw on Facebook that Gojira frontman, Joe Duplantier, was working with Car Bomb to produce their new record in the self-made, New York based studio called Silver Cord Studio. Soon after, I began following the progression between the two because I thought it was interesting. In a statement by the band it was said that Joe from Gojira would feature guest vocals on the album. That really got my attention because I am a huge Gojira fan. Along with the album details came a new single by Car Bomb and I wasn’t ready for it. I listened to it on YouTube and I just wasn’t ready. My mind was shredded to pieces.

The first thing that came to mind was, did they really just up the Meshuggah game? After hearing The Violent Sleep Of Reason, the latest effort by Meshuggah, it just sounds like Car Bomb made this album in response to Meshuggah. Like, look at us. We make music with even less logic in it than your band. Don’t get me wrong, I mean this in the best way possible. The Violent Sleep Of Reason was a great album but Meta upped the prog/math a notch. The rhythmic sections in the music don’t even make sense! I takes a couple of listens to the full album to really get into the vibe and still you can’t predict anything. Car Bomb made a terrific effort to write songs that are bone crushingly heavy all the while bringing in a very atmospheric vibe to it. Almost Deftones-ish.

My personal favorites on the album after countless listens are Secrets Within and The Oppressor. Both of them have a really jumpy vibe on them and to me, these songs are the easiest to listen to. There is a sort of way to find a rhythm in these two songs.

Credits and mad respect to Car Bomb for writing music like this. It’s fresh, it’s new. It takes metal yet another step further and I applaud it very much. I will definitely be on the lookout for future shows in my country. One of the best albums in a long time and will be on repeat for a while!

For the sheer brutality, technicality and production (credits for Joe Duplantier) I rate it 9.5/10.

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