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On February 1st, Swedish metallers Acidiun will premiere a double single with one of the two songs being the first released song of their debut album. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with them, read it below.

Hey guys, everything ok in Sweden?

Everything is okay with us! It’s a warm winter here in Sweden, only about minus 17 degrees Celsius.

Acidiun, what’s the story behind the bandname?

There is actually no “cool” story behind the name Acidiun. When the band started Axel and Oli were 15-17 years old. Therefore a name that sounded badass at the time was chosen.

Acidiun exists since 2008, can you tell us something about what happened with Acidiun since then?

Well, the sound of our music is now more mature and versatile. Through a couple of line-up changes we feel that the best time is ahead of us. Nowadays we’re also much more socially capable regarding promotion, social networking and making new friends and good contacts. Sum of it all, we have matured both as professional musicians and as individuals over the years.

Your music can be described as a mixture between deathcore and metalcore. Since there are many deathcore/metalcore bands nowadays, what makes Acidiun unique?

For starters, what makes us unique is that we neither use clean vocals nor choruses in our songs, compared with the modern metalcore scene where that is the standard. In our case, every Acidiun song is based on riffs evolving into new segments that proceed into another. At the same time we manage to make the transitions and the new segments compatible with the theme of the song. Apart from that, we feel that the blend between deathcore/metalcore with a touch of hardcore and thrash makes our music unique. In addition we always give the listeners some grooves and breakdowns that you can dig.

What are Acidiun lyrics about?

Up until now our lyrics have been about things that we’ve been interested in. This includes games, movies, literature, tv-series and comics. For example our song Bob is about the tv series Twin Peaks and Strolling Downwards is a play on Divina Commedia and Orpheus and Eurydice.

You’re working on new material for your debut album, can you already give us some more info about what it will be like?

It is going to be a concept album about a story we’ve written ourselves. It will be fast, diverse and heavy. Lyrically it will have a dark theme.

On February 1st you’ll premiere a double single (Urges from the upcoming album, and Moshnado), can you tell us something about those songs?

Let’s start with Moshnado. The song is everything our liveshows represent: Raw energy, singing your heart out, groovin and moshing your ass off. It’s about releasing all your energy at once and escape everyday life.
“If you lost who you are, and you don’t know what to do you can always come to us and fuck this shit up too”.

Moving onto Urges, the first single off our debut album. We can’t tell you a lot about it because we don’t want to spoil the concept of it just yet. What we can tell you is that this song narrates a very important part of the story.

Can we expect some touring in 2017?

We cannot disclose that information at the moment unfortunately; this is however something we really want to do but only time will tell.

Thanks for doing this interview! Is there something you want to say to our readers?

We hope that you will enjoy our single and that we hopefully can come to a venue in your area soon. Thank you for making this interview and bringing light upon Acidiun.

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