Review: Dead End Finland – Slaves To The Greed

Dead End Finland hail over from… Finland (surprise!). The quartet formed back in 2008, and released their third album, entitled Slaves To The Greed, at the end of last year.

The record kicks off with an electronic intro, which reminds of some old sci-fi series’ title song. Soon enough though heavy guitars and keyboards kick in, and we’re drawn to Mikko Virtanen’s awesome growls, paired with a more progressive-style chorus. The electronic parts are apparently hardwired into the band’s sound, as we find them in all the following songs, and always in that weird 80s-electro-style. What else? The album’s atmosphere is dark rather than melancholic, except for the intro of Fragments Of The Innocent, which even has some Celtic influences. Also on it: a nice interlude and an upbeat, somewhat Ensiferum-and-Finnish-Humppa-influenced Screaming Back To Hell, the title track featuring quite some pathos…and did I mention the synths? Production’s great, by the way.

Conclusion: Slaves To The Greed surely needs some time to getting used to (at least for me), but in the end it’s a very fun album with a unique, refreshing sound and some parts that just make you grin 😉 I can recommend the album to fans of virtually any subgenre, so go ahead and listen to it! 10/10.

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