Review: Noctem – Haeresis

Fast double bass is a thing most commonly associated with death metal, and this band is really playing on this card, and for the sake of double bass drums, it is great and over the top.

The album hits you with a barrage of double bass from the start, and it is relentless for the first couple of songs, with blazing fast double bass, blast beats and bomb blasts. With razor sounding guitars, monster bass and shrieking vocals. The album offers all of what you want as a death metal fan, the album literally has it all. And also the recording quality is a monster, as there is not one part of the album that sounds badly mixed or that a certain instrument is shredding your ears with the volume.

The only problem I had with the album and the songs are some of the acoustic and dissonant guitar parts, that do come off as a bit un-hearable and hard to understand what is going on, while at the same time those parts give this album its own personality in the death metal scene.

All in all, the album is great and I do recommend it wholeheartedly to all death metal fans from both ends of the spectrum. I give this album a 9/10.

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