Review: Obscure Infinity – Dawn Of Winter

German oldschool death metallers Obscure Infinity re-release their 2010 debut album Dawn of Winter exactly as it is via their new record label, FDA. The album will be available as of 24th of March, let’s have a go at it already!

The album kicks off with a short, very atmospheric intro where the Summoning of the Ancient Ones happens. The second track is Sacrificial Ritual, which is a rather oldschool death metal song with deep growls, a lot of speed and killer riffs. Very brutal! It only slows down towards the end, where the whole atmosphere changes to somewhat more melodic tunes. Morbid Ways of God is even more brutal – the influence of the old Florida death metal bands can clearly be perceived here. Great track! We can then catch our breaths with the short instrumental, atmospheric interlude Foreshadowing of a Coming Storm, before the next block of three songs come around. Those are all very much alike, classic oldschool death metal songs, but unfortunately missing the variation that made the first two so great. The album then comes to its end after another soft-tune instrumental interlude. The title track and Wreak Havoc – A Blackened Mind are again quite alike the middle part, while the final song, Transmitting Life To Darkness is again influenced by Scandinavian death metal and therefore more diverse.

In conclusion: Dawn of Winter is a predominantely oldschool death metal album, but also has some influences from thrash and Scandinavian death. The album gets a bit too repetitive over its 11 tracks, and lacks a good sound – as it is a re-issue, this could have been improved to strengthen the record’s quality. Overall though it’s a good album and worth listening to for fans of (oldschool) death metal. 8/10.

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