Review: Haster – The Current Sea

The Current Sea has floated gifts to me!

Those wanting to believe I give this amazing rating as a result, it’s true; all of it. Those that think humans don’t respond to incentives, you’re living in a dream world. Had a case of beer been thrown in there with the ultra-cool gift pack I received from these lads, it would have been a 15/10. Thanks for choosing me as winner of your Twitter contest! I must have been special, desperate or overly Canadian to have been selected amongst your 595K followers.

This band from April 2010 has been around and shared stages with the likes of Godsmack (yea!), Seether (yea!!) and Tool (yea!!!) plus 3 other albums and 3 consecutive “Best Band” awards from 2012 to 2014. A heavy social media interaction and good metal vibe, they are doing it right.

This album is pure, deserved talent and hard rocking energy that is very refreshing for me, amazing harmonies and a judicious use of the Gravocals all throughout. Thundering beats and grabbing harsh-assed guitars are prevalent everywhere and the songs flow well, showcasing each of their talents. A Linkin Park feel to it, Korn thrown in, Tool also gives me a nice memory of the 90’s music scene with a refined edge.

‘STAYYY AWAYY FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAAAAA!’ yea! Love the chants of The Unscene but you’re not advertising your digs too well! Ha! It’s alright however; as everyone knows So-Cal is IT! Can’t wait to see and experience that in concert and toss some bodies about.

Haunt Me….does. Very emotional, heart-string tune for me and it deserves a 10 on its own. Enough said.

Asfixiate has the makings of a current hit and needs not just the lyric video. Amazing tune and I love the gothic, dark and yet hopeful meaning to it. Grinding guitars are the order served up and second’s on that please. A powerful, purposeful song bringing dark and light together, with a side of hard, tight playing that hits your noise centers full force. This will not be a good weekend for the neighbors.

The final track Shoved Aside, strategically placed at the end and the longest at over 6 minutes, is quite awesome, showcasing great vocals and tight playing. The transitions between vocal ranges are great and make this tune one of my favourites. Some great homage to Three Day’s Grace in here as I hear smidgens of it in the vox’s great range, and a beautiful outro piano piece to close the disc off.

This record is going to stand the test of time I believe and a real pleasure to listen to in this world of ready-made-metal.


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