Review: Persecutory – Towards The Ultimate Extinction

Coming together in 2014, Turkish black/thrash metallers Persecutory have ultimately come together to bring forth a ritualistic and far more chilling take on the traditional extreme metal scene by bringing out the morbid take in their music which becomes quite grotesque. Finally able to release their first professional release, the bands’ full-length debut was originally released July 1, 2017 on Godz ov War Productions.

From the beginning, this here is quite the devastating blend of influences that manage to provide plenty of sterling work overall for their first impression. Efforts like Pillars of Dismay, Till Relentless Salvation Comes and Awakening the Depraved Era offer a strong blast of swirling tremolo-laced riffing filled with rabid, chaotic thrashing patterns that lets the material explore darkened atmospheres quite prominently. With the rumbling rhythms alongside these furious patterns and being able to shift through a rather dynamic series of rhythm changes by going for sweeping epics, blasting thrash-infused black metal or tight, churning mid-tempo efforts that are fully laced with strong tremolo melodies that further the black metal aesthetic of these such like on the title track or Along the Infernal Hallways. Being able to explore these elements of the extreme side gives this a lot more to play with than expected and really means this one can flow through a variety of different approaches which manages to give this one a lot to like. The one problem that pops up with this approach is the fact that there’s very little about it that is able to stand-out overall, keeping everything in one strong note for its approach that makes it really hard to pick anything out here when it gets going. Still, this one can get overlooked as the band explores their sound more.

Getting in a rather strong series of likes with a few minor issues that don’t really mean much in the end, this one manages to have a lot to really like here for the band going forward and really has a lot to appeal for fans who appreciate the slimy, grotesque old-school black/death metal scene or these extreme metal offerings. 8.5/10

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