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On November 24th last year, the Spanish metallers of The Third Grade released their new EP called Of Fire And Ashes Pt. 1. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed them about it.

Hey, congratulations with your new EP, Of Fire And Ashes Pt. 1, I really like it!

Thanks a lot!

What is it that makes The Third Grade unique in the progressive metal subgenre?

We try to have an unique sound inside the scene , it is more about to make music than to make progressive. Also we try to take advantage of having two singers so we have more diversity.

Your music sounds quite diverse, who are your musical influences?

Starting with progressive rock bands from the 70’s like Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull to modern symphonic sounds like Nightwish and of course Dream Theater and Muse.

At the beginning of 2017, you welcomed your new vocalist María Cobos and drummer Rodrigo Puché. What made them the perfect ones for those jobs?

They are great musicians with the perfect attitude for the job.

Considering that you have 2 new members, how did the songwriting process of Of Fire And Ashes Pt. 1 go?

The songs were already made but we did some arrangements and changes to make them feel part of the project.

For this new EP you signed to Art Gates Records, what made them the best option for you at this moment?

Their way of working is what we needed at that moment and they are helping us a lot and doing a great job.

You recently posted on your Facebook that you are looking for a new bassplayer and drummer. Does that mean that Daniel and Rodrigo are going to leave The Third Grade or what’s going on?

Yes, they left the band and now we are looking for new musicians to join. Basically, we take different ways musically.

At some moments it even sounds epic, what does a live performance of The Third Grade looks like?

People usually likes watching us live because we try to transmit energy and power on stage. So yes, is kind of epic. Hahaha.

Speaking of live shows, can we expect more shows of The Third Grade? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

At the moment, we have to delay the tour a few months but yes, we have some concerts already booked. We will share the dates soon. And of course we’d like to go to the Netherlands!

Since Pt. 1 is part of this EP’s title, are you already working on Pt.2? Can you already tell us something about it?

Yes, we are already working in the new stuff. We think you will really like it! The part 1 and 2 are a part of the same conceptual idea. It’s all about the same feeling. Part 2 will be a whole album so we are going to experiment more and go deeper in our own sound.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

You are very welcome! Yes! Please, readers, listen to our music so we can visit you to the Netherlands!! Much love from Spain xoxo

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