Review: Fishing With Guns – Blood On The Ropes

The French quartet Fishing With Guns is around since 2005 and, according to their Facebook profile, plays metal’n roll, Southern rock and post-hardcore. Their newest release, an EP entitled Blood On The Ropes, was released on 5th of January. Let’s give it a spin!

The mainly instrumental intro, Dodge And Counter, is strongly leaned towards Southern rock, with some sprinkles of sludge in it, too. The EP’s second track, Motherfucking Badass, is more on the rock’n’roll side of things, and Iñigo’s throaty singing blending in very nicely. The EP’s title track, and especially King Of The Crossroads, have some punk influence in them as well. The guys are great musicians and manage to keep the tension and speed up until the very end, which comes with the EP’s fifth track, Reasons To Cry. This one is sound-wise again a more Southern rock track, and a very nice conclusion to an overall quite diverse EP.

In conclusion: Fishing With Guns produced something great with Blood On The Ropes, which is a lot of fun to listen to. All tracks are excellent, so no fillers on here, and that keeps you engaged as a listener until the end. No criticism here, the EP comes highly recommended! 10/10.

Fishing With Guns Facebook

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