Interview: Absque Cor

In November last year, Polish one-man black metal band Absque Cor released its debut album, called Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed sole member Vos.

Hey, congratulations with your, last year released, debut album, Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć. It’s a great debut!

You are welcome.

How does it feel to have your debut album released?

I don’t really ‘feel’ this world, so I think releasing this album didn’t affected on me quite much. I appreciate it very much, but I think releasing this album is only motivation to work more on composing next thoughts.

Absque Cor is a one-man band. How was the idea of Absque Cor formed?

I was in a band with the drummer and bassist from Preludium (from my hometown) and I felt that we were not doing good with ourselves. We understood each other very good, but we were staying in one place, so I get myself only, and just put some life situations into music, then recorded it.

Do you think of Absque Cor as being a one-man band forever or is that something that could change?

I don’t really like to guess like that, but I have a band, so I think Absque Cor will be only my own project for the next couple of years, and then we will see.

You already recorded Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć in December 2015, what was the reason for waiting to release it until November 2017?

I was doing this album for myself only, and really start with mix/mastering from then, so I didn’t thought that someone will like that music and want to release it. I have ended mastering like after a year from releasing (I don’t have full time access to professional assets like monitors and adapted room, so I must do it partially, some at home and some at studio) and because of my friend which made me up to send it for some labels.

Your lyrics are all in Polish. When you compare writing lyrics in English with writing lyrics in another language, what made you decide to do them in Polish, besides of course that it is your mother tongue?

All lyrics are in Polish, because I feel being the most free, singing in my native language. Absque Cor is just me, and I feel like using another language is passing the point and doing something against myself.

I translated them with Google Translate. There is very much negativity in it, where does that come from?

Like I told before, all music and words are just some situations put up into music. Nothing more, nothing less.

For releasing Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć you signed with Godz Ov War Productions. What makes them the best label for Absque Cor at this moment?

I don’t know which label is the best for Absque Cor. I really just wanted to have a physical CD in my hands, and after my friend’s suggestion I sent it to some labels from Poland, and I was very surprised, that one of answering labels was Godz ov War, because Greg is doing very good job from the beginning and he keeps up with high level of his releases. I don’t think Absque Cor is quite high level, but like I said, I appreciate this chance very much.

Since Absque Cor is a one-man band, do you have plans for taking it to the stage? If yes, where and when will it take place?

No, I don’t have plans like that. I have a band and the guys I’m playing with, have motivation to play live. I don’t really like playing live, but I don’t want to block them.

Are you already working on new material? If yes, can you already tell us something about how it will be?

Yes, I’m working on something new. I have some plans about it, there are thoughts written down, it won’t be that much dark as Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć, but it won’t be ‘happy’ also. I don’t have much written down yet, I lean on guitar when I write Absque Cor, so I don’t think about how ideas will sound when I put them together with drums and bass. Maybe I will have to do many changes, so I don’t know when it will be recorded.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for your time.

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